8 Applications To Make Free Calls From Your Cell Phone

8 Applications To Make Free Calls From Your Cell Phone

Today mobile plans are increasingly offering unlimited calling. Global calls are becoming more popular, offering an interesting alternative to the usual calls. If you travel often, have relatives abroad, or do not have enough hours of communications included in your subscription, here are the solutions available to you.  

With the emergence of smartphones and the growing penetration of the internet in homes, more and more applications are emerging
that allow users from different parts of the world to communicate for VIP international calling.  

Here are some of the applications to take advantage of this type of service which will allow travelers to mobile users who regularly call contacts abroad to realize substantial savings.  


This well-known service of voice calls over IP and chat is the most used Internet calling application on the planet. The mobile version of the program works on all Apple mobile devices, those operate with Windows Phone, Android and in some Blackberry. Apart from offering services, chat and free video calls, the program also allows you to call other landlines or mobile phones for reduced rates.  

Facebook Messenger:

With the instant messaging application of Facebook you can also make calls and video calls between users, although these are not yet encrypted. This is a most popular application available for free for iOS and Android.  


It is one of the most popular internet communication services of the moment. This application allows you to make voice calls and send text messages and files at no cost to users of the platform. It is available for Apple’s Android and iOS operating systems.  


This application is a good alternative for those who like to manage all their instant messaging accounts in a single window. In addition, it is also possible to make calls between users for free.  


This application allows you to call, send text messages and make video conferences between Fring users. For those who use iTunes, there is an agreement that allows iPhone users to buy credit to make calls from Fring.  


This service of free calls and messages through VoIP is an interesting alternative to Skype and Facetime. It has a version for cell phone and computer and works in a similar way to Apple’s video conferencing application. One of its advantages is that it allows you to automatically find other contacts registered in the service through the contact directory, so it does not require a user or password. It works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.  

Google Hangouts:

Those who have a Google account can use Google Hangouts to call for free, although for a limited time, since this application will be replaced permanently by Google Duo, the new Google messaging app. For now, you can download it for iOS and Android.  

Google Duo:

This is one of the newest and comes hand in hand with Google in its eagerness to compete in messaging apps. Duo has a very different interface compared to Hangouts. The duo is tremendously simple. To register we need to enter a phone number in the style of WhatsApp.  

For most of them, an Internet connection is required through a data rate or WiFi connection, something that is available to most smartphone users.  And do you know any other application for free calls? Comment below!


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