7 Ways How Travelling can Help You in Healing

When life knocks you down, you impulsively start looking for answers. Going by an old adage that says, “Healing does not mean that the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives”, one needs to understand that if you wish to heal and bounce back vivaciously, you have got to stop feeding the pain and escape that brooding frame of mind.

But it is not as easy as one anticipates it to be. Putting up a fight against the odds while breathing in a consistent environment is like locking horns with something invisible. You can not beat it, and you can not compete with it. So the one solution that works in most of the cases is to pack your bag and getaway to a place where you can find yourself.

As astonishing as it may sound, after a few weeks of intense traveling and exploring, you shall come home with an enlivened mind and an exhilarated soul.

So, you must acknowledge that it is possible to shut off the misery, put an end to your suffering and emerge as a warrior.

Let us see how you can achieve the same with the help of traveling.

1. Shake up your monotonous routine

Staying trapped in rusty old settings does not help, instead worsens the status quo. It is so, because sometimes when we are grief-stricken, we tend to perceive our problems as much more colossal and doleful than they are.

It’s therefore suggested that you break free from the decayed pattern and head out to a place unknown. Being in a new environment and an unfamiliar zone, you are often inspired to see the world with a fresh set of eyes as well as perception. It ultimately allows you to open your heart and broaden your mind and look at life with a new perspective altogether. And who knows, what bothered you yesterday, shall seem minuscule after this.

2. Unplug from daily life chores

Being stuck with doing the same chores every day makes you feel dull and spiritless. Even if you enjoy your job, it is vital to take a break and unwire your brain.

It is no rocket science to understand that a job may stuff your pockets, but adventures satiate your soul. It is why to give yourself a great gift of a scratch-off map, pack your bags, and set off for a new excursion every year. So get up, get going and let the sunshine in.

3. Find Paradise in Nature’s Lap

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home”- Mary Davis

Nature has always proved to be the best anti-depressant since we know it. The beauty it radiates and the tranquility it dispenses surpasses everything else in the world.

Try visiting diverse locations that exhibit nature in its most crude and raw form. Whether it’s mountaineering or camping in the Himalayas or sunbathing on the beaches of Brazil or getting yourself lost in the woods of Costa Rica, do not miss being the closest to nature and marvel at its splendor.

Relax, make yourself comfortable, and listen to the silence; it has so much to say. And once you connect with the essence of nature, its mystical influence can aid your mental, physical as well as spiritual healing.

4. Travel lets you be in the present, shifts your focus and lifts your mood


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Remember that day when you weren’t feeling good, and you reluctantly went out shopping? That day, buying those cute little things, to pamper yourself, cheered you up and brightened your day in no time. It is how incredibly the process of ‘shifting your focus’ works!

Traveling gives you the same fighting chance to divert your attention from where it hurts the most, towards things that do matter.

While dealing with a tribulation, your self-worth tends to go down the drain. Stop touching the wound and allow it to heal. Travel, not for distraction but, for fulfillment. And we bet you will come home beaming with energy, ready to take upon challenges with a new set of possibilities and alternatives.

As also suggested by a study of Cornell University, the mere anticipation of traveling boosts your happiness significantly, even more than possessing something as tangible as a new car!

5. Be a better version of yourself while you are on the go.


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Traveling, all by yourself, gives you ample time to introspect and getting to know what is it that you want from life. You acknowledge how tiny you appear before this universe. It’s more like reinventing yourself by fetching you time to ponder on your life; it’s course and your aspirations.

Besides, when you step out of your comfort zone and face newer difficulties in an unfamiliar environment, you learn to adapt and adjust with it. This instills a sense of being more flexible, accommodating, and patient. Hence, you come back home feeling stronger and utterly inspired to be a better version of yourself.

6. Feeling of Gratitude

When you are camping in, let us say, Maasai Mara, Kenya, you are made to live with the minimum facilities, in somewhat challenging conditions. During that period, one realizes that back home, we often have everything we need to sustain life, comforts of home, family, friends, etc., yet we fail to be grateful and spoil our peace of mind for trivial issues.

While voyaging to foreign locales, you get to be thankful for the fact that you are profoundly blessed to have what you have and are thus, reminded to give off love and kindness, wherever you go. It is how the power of gratitude comes into being, attracting more of what you feel thankful for.

7. Opens up interaction opportunities


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While on holiday, you are open to trying and learning new things that help broaden your horizons. You meet strangers and try to blend with the newly discovered surroundings. Every time you do this, you take home, new memories and experiences that alter the way you think, speak and act. Positive interactions give you wisdom, and negative ones bring along lessons. Either way, you win.

Final words

With all the knowledge shared about how journeying can soothe our souls and heal our wounds, it is suggested that you never let the nightmares of the past haunt you and consider bygones as bygones. No matter how worthless it may seem in the beginning, spring out and make peace with everything that bothers you.

As rightly put by Annette White- “Stop dreaming abt ur bucket list and start living it.”


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