7 Ways to Maintain Your Long and Beautiful Hair Without Any Stress

Long hair is the dream of many women. A beautiful mane with length, and volume allows you all the hairstyle you desire. Yes, but long hair is also very fragile. So, you should know how to maintain a beautiful, and long hair? How to take care of it? In this article, we are giving you some useful advices which will help you to maintain the long hair. So keep reading.

Wash your long hair well

The primary care for your long hair is by washing it gently. But, daily washing can be harmful as it can harm the scalp, and tip. Because of extreme washing, the strands may become too dry, and greasy on the roots. Washing stimulates the production of sebum. Try to space hair wash sessions at least 2 or 3 times a week with wella fusion shampoo, especially formulated for your long hair. This shampoo is recommended for all hair types. After that use a nourishing conditioner that will help you untangle the hair. Apply a small amount of it, massage your scalp, and stretch to the ends.

Dry your long hair well

After washing, wrap your hair in a towel, and dab well to remove excess water. Detangle them with a wide-tooth comb, never with a brush that breaks wet hair. Then let it air dry. Use the hair dryer, and hair care serum so as not to damage the hair. For your occasional ironing you can use a thermal protection spray. Regular brushing is a full-fledged care of your long hair. You have to do it every day at morning, and evening for 1 minute. Use a soft brush with natural bristles. Brush the strands upside down. Such brushing removes impurities, makes the hair healthier.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo

First rule for having beautiful hair you need to choose conventionally, and chemical-free hair care products with natural extracts. The products must be sulfate, paraben, and harsh chemical-free. If you want to choose a shampoo which can be used for all hair type, you need to choose wella professionals fusion intense repair shampoo. It contains citric acid, and glycerine which not only keeps your hair healthy, but protects it from split end, and root damage.

Hydrate your long hair well

The daily hair care to adopt for your long hair is the hydrating sprays without rinsing. Apply on the lengths to give texture, and shine to your hair. How to take care of your hair naturally? Too frequent washing with shampoo, aggressive products, vegetable colouring, use of heating accessories weaken the hair.

The importance of conditioner

If the choice of shampoo, and its frequency of use are important to take care of your hair naturally, on the other hand, the use of conditioner will be the key to a successful hair routine. This is why choosing the best conditioner is ideal. The wella professional fusion conditioner provides the scalp with everything it needs, and takes care of the ends to limit the appearance of forks. It also protects the strand lengths from the heat of the hair dryer. If you can use the shampoo, and the conditioner from one manufacturer then it will be good for your hair.

You will need the help of oil treatment

To take care of your hair naturally oil treatment is a must have. It is indeed the ideal treatment to use in case of dry, damaged or devitalized hair. It consists in coating the hair with one or more vegetable oils, enriched with other active ingredients such as aloe Vera gel or specific essential oils. Like a mask, you cover your scalp with a hot towel, and leave the oil mask for at least 1 hour, overnight for the most damaged hair. If you have oily hair, don’t panic. Contrary to popular belief, the oil will not grease your hair more, but rebalance the production of sebum, and purify the scalp.

We opt for protective hairstyles

To protect our hair from friction, and the external environment such as wind, cold or sudden temperature changes in winter, we often opt for protective hairstyles. They will help protect the lengths from drying out, and limit the formation of forks. Among the protective hairstyles, we can mention the bun, the braids, the ponytails or the cardoon, ideal for taming the hair without using a straightening iron.

Conclusion: Maintain and nourish you hair regularly

Hair is undoubtedly one of our best beauty assets when it is well maintained. Beautiful hair means healthy, strong, shiny, and soft hair. Having healthy hair guarantees you confidence, and easy maintenance. To take care of your hair, you must first go to the hairdresser regularly to cut the ends which will prevent your hair from looking dry, and dull.


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