7 Ways Instagram Helps Businesses to Grow Sales

Instagram users have surpassed twitter and many businesses are now focusing to convert these users into followers. The reason being the specifically 10k Instagram followers have proven to become potential customers rather easily. A Loyal, related, and genuine Instagram following can present an astounding opportunity for businesses to expand and gain popularity.

Instagram has now become a marketing instrument and a sales driver for many popular brands. Several companies have specialized Insta-sales teams to handle their accounts and use the platform to boost sales.

If you are looking to foster sales and make your brand/s popular this article is exactly what you want to read.

Here are 7 ways, Instagram can Help Businesses to Grow Sales:

Hone your Account Specifically for the Business

Setting up a separate business account on Insta will be the first thing you need to do. This account should be specifically for your business and nothing else. Your personal profile might have very little or no space in it. This is business and you must show a professional attitude.

Your Bio has to be optimized, interesting and informative. It should neither be too long nor too small or none. Include a link in the bio that is clickable and can lead directly to your website or product (can be on another shopping website). Your bio is editable to your campaigns, events, and new product launches.

Content Quality

Post content carefully and only after thinking it through. Your posts must be compelling, marketable, and only the best. Each image must be tailored to match the theme and style of your account. It must complement the flow of your marketing strategy.

You can use online free and advanced paid tools to improve the quality of your images. Since you will be competing with other brands, these might give you an edge over them.

Your captions and descriptions must be consistent too but not monotonous. Keep it in mind that this is not a personal account and potential shoppers may pay a lot of attention to your captions. A compelling caption with a good quality image can hook the viewer easily.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads can boost your sales drastically. Although you are doing the same with other organic ways Ads can be can do this work for you. You will have to pay for this service of course.

Instagram lets you promote the posts and images (of a brand) in a customized way. You can choose a specific post to be promoted at a selected destination for a targeted group of people and audience.

You can also select the duration the ad will remain live and set the budget that is suitable for you. The more the duration and budget, the more your promotion will be seen.

Seek Help From the Influencers

It can be fairly difficult for newcomers to make roam in the club. Make friends with the already established influencers with a wide fan following. Some influencers can be convinced easily and promote your product. Others might simply decline if you are not persuasive enough.

You can also negotiate some gift products or discounts to promote your product via the influencer. Choose the right influencer for your product for example if you are a beauty product store you may choose a makeup artist or celebrity to advocate your store with a positive review to its followers.

Offer Discounts and Exclusive Promotions

Discounts, special promotions, and flash sales are now used widely by brands and stores to boost their sales. A common technique used by business accounts is text overlaying an offer or announcement on an image to convert it into a promotion instantly.

Use online available tools and Instagram editor design a perfect promotion and compelling post. Learn from your competitors and try to convince the audience with a better or equally catchy offer. Promote events with geo-tags to further improve followership for a specific area.

User-Generated Content can Speak for you

User-generated content is a direct way of advertisement that your business can use to grow customers. These first-hand experiences can become a source of inspiration for others and can make a positive impact on your overall account.

You can choose the best reviews and quality comments from your existing customers and share them in your official store profile.

Offer giveaways or rewards to encourage more and more customers to share their experience and honest reviews about your product. Remember the goal here is to achieve more followership (potential customers) and to retain the regular customers of your product as well.

Make the Sales Process Easy

The path from post to an actual sale must be short and easy. It should have all the ingredients of a powerful yet simple marketing strategy that includes a hook (strong post and caption), a call to action, a direct link to the product and a landing page tailored for the product and an easy to click ‘buy now’ tab.

If the sales procedure is tricky or complicated you might not be able to close a sale properly and may even lose a potential buyer. Especially online buyers will prefer a twist-free path from advertisement to the ‘add to cart’ step. Make the procedure as simple and easy as possible.

If you follow these 7 easy ways and give it your best, you can convert your followers into buyers and transform Instagram into a rewarding shopping channel and skyrocket your sales.

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