7 Amazing Uses of Red Wine

Most of us love wine and consume it mostly during the evenings with meals. It is the center of happiness for all the celebrations. It a delicious and healthy drink when consumed in moderation. Red wine primarily has been studied extensively for various health benefits it offers. Here are the seven amazing uses of red wine

1. Promotes good skin

Red wine helps in slowing down the early signs of aging. It is a rich source of antioxidants like resveratrol, flavonoids, and tannins. A study suggests that the resveratrol present in red wine makes the skin glow and protects the skin cells from oxidative stress such as UV radiation. It prevents acne through antibacterial protection and prevents skin cancer.

Not only does it help through drinking, but the external application of red wine also yields excellent skin. Red wine facial includes cleansing your face with red wine mixed with lemon and later massaging your face with red wine mixed with aloe vera gel. Finally, you can apply a red wine face mask with a combination of red wine, yogurt, and honey.

2. Fights Diabetes

A study suggests that people who drink red wine 3-4 times a week are less likely to develop diabetes. The polyphenols in red wine help to manage blood sugar levels. Red wine interrupts the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase that is responsible for glucose absorption in the intestine. Also, the same study indicates a decrease in the risk of heart disease in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

A study suggests that Type 2 diabetes patients subjected to 150ml of red wine daily for two years had healthy HDL cholesterol levels. They were less likely to have strokes and heart attacks compared to other Type 2 diabetes patients.

3. Reduces Stress

A glass of red wine a day can help reduce stress. While junk sugary foods also help reduce stress, they come with their package of side-effects, mainly obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Red wine, on the other hand, relieves stress and also packs you with a healthy dose of antioxidants.

The best way to consume red wine is after dinner. Keep a gap of at least an hour before you sleep after having red wine. This way, it induces a calming effect on you and does not disturb your sleep cycle. So, next time, when you are under stress, consider having a glass of red wine.

4. Fights Obesity

Research suggests that red wine can fight obesity. Resveratrol in red wine converts the lousy fat into calorie-burning fat. It enhances the oxidation of body fats, and excess fat burns off as heat, thus, preventing obesity. Piceatannol, a compound found in the skins of red grapes, slows down the process of accumulation of fats at a very early stage of metabolism. Thus, consuming one glass of red wine per day for women and two drinks a day for men helps in preventing as well as controlling obesity.

5. Makes you Smarter

A recent study suggests that red wine can increase your intelligence and make you smarter. A few glasses of red wine relaxes your brain and gives you clarity of thought. It stimulates the hippocampus and the frontal cortex of the brain. These areas are responsible for creative problem-solving. That is the reason why brainstorming discussions at the happy hours in a bar often give rise to fantastic ideas.

Another side of this theory is that red wine does not have a particular taste or flavor, but it stimulates the brain to have the sensation of taste. It forces the wine taster’s mind to work harder and boosts brain health.

6. Boosts Heart Health

Red wine has heart beneficial properties. It helps in increasing the good cholesterol levels, which prevents heart diseases. According to a study, consumption of wine for 21 days, enhances the health of blood vessels resulting in better blood flow.

The polyphenols, especially resveratrol in red wine, minimizes the chances of blood clots and preserves the blood vessel linings. Another study found that a flavonoid called quercetin shows cardioprotective properties which helps in lowering of blood pressure. The presence of tannins in red wine neutralizes the effect of free radicals preventing cardiovascular diseases.

7. Promotes good hair

Drinking red wine increases blood circulation, ensuring the flow of blood to the scalp and stronger blood vessels. It promotes hair growth and minimizes hair loss. It stimulates better hair growth by reducing the dead cells and scalp inflammation. Use red wine to wash your hair after shampooing your hair.

Washing hair with red wine also reduces dandruff. The anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the itchiness of the scalp, leaving a soothing and calming effect. Applying red wine to your hair post shampoo prevents further damage to the hair. It also fights hair aging by revitalizing keratin growth and protein content in the hair.


From the above benefits of red wine, it may seem one should drink a lot of wine. However, drinking an excess of red wine has its side effects, and one should always drink in moderation. Especially, pregnant women and patients suffering from severe cardiovascular diseases should refrain from drinking. Always consult your doctor about the right amount of red wine suitable for you.

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