7 effective tips to promote your business on Instagram

7 effective tips to promote your business on Instagram

A few years ago, Instagram was a growing social network that had just over 5 million users that were not yet used as a marketing channel by companies. Two years after this, Instagram already had 80 million users, it had been acquired by Facebook and many companies already use it for Social Media Marketing.

In fact, the most active brands on Instagram are the same ones that are extremely active on other social channels, such as MTV, Starbucks, Burberry, Nike, and others.

Ideas to promote your business on Instagram

But for small businesses and brands that are just beginning to use Instagram for marketing, there are some ways to increase the exposure of their Instagram accounts, make it easier to be followed, and increase interaction rates.

Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags or tags are an incredibly effective way to expose your content and count to a wider audience than those who already follow you.

Hashtags can be used in every post that is made. To optimize its use, follow the following tips:

Use hashtags in your username. Hashtags can be included in your name or description. By putting them before your user, each photo that is posted will have a hashtag automatically. This allows users interested in your photos to find them quickly.

Add hashtags to the description of your photo. It is necessary, to maximize the promotion, add a name and description to each of your photos, and include relevant hashtags, but only making labels the most important words. Likewise, if the place where the photo was taken is important, include that information.

Comment on the photos of others with hashtags. If you use a hashtag on a regular basis in your business account, it is advisable to comment on relevant photos of other users with the same hashtag. But it’s about making interesting, relevant comments that do not spam when appropriate.

Create or use hashtags for an event. If you go to a conference or event (or do one) one way to gain exposure for your photos on Instagram is to create or use existing hashtags for that event. If you go to a conference that uses a known hashtag, use it in the images you capture of the event.

Use hashtags to promote contests. Many brands use hashtags to promote their contests and campaigns. This helps you gain more exposure and reach a wider audience, as well as interacting with your audience and users generating content for your brand.

Interact with your community

This applies to various channels and platforms when social media marketing is done. Interacting with your community is a great way to increase your exposure, gain Instagram followers and achieve important marketing insights.

It is necessary to explore Instagram to find out who of your industry posts, as well as what customers and competitors are posting. It is necessary to follow up on who they interact with, who they follow and what photos they like and comment on.

Find the people you think are your key demographic and start interacting with them. Like it and comment on your photos. If they are interested in what you do or what your company offers, they will also interact and follow your account.

Post photos on all your social channels

It is a studied fact that people love photos and for an account are the best ways to interact with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social networks.

Sharing your Instagram photos on different social media channels is not only a great way to expose the fact that your company has Instagram accounts, but it can help to grow the interaction with the fans and followers that you already have in those channels. 

Select photos and deploy them on your website

No doubt integrating social networks on your website has many benefits, as well as incorporate content generated by users in your marketing strategy.

There are tools that allow you to highlight photos of your Instagram account, as well as a particular hashtag, and display them on a website. It is advisable to use them to show what you offer in that visual channel, as well as to show in an integrated way your efforts in social networks, as part of a joint digital strategy.

Promote your user on Instagram

7 effective tips to promote your business on Instagram

This seems obvious, but it’s a great way to get more exposure from your account. There are tools that allow users to immediately add to Instagram.

Also, it is possible to create posts exposing your presence on Instagram, tweet about it, post on Facebook, create a pin on Pinterest and more ways to let your users know about other networks that are on Instagram.

Participate in events or promotions in the community

Contests and promotions are a great way to encourage people to talk about your business or brand. In addition, when done in the right way, they can encourage or generate word of mouth marketing, give something to your fans, followers, and customers, as well as encourage you to be followed by more people, fans and people that promote your brand.

Also, they are a way to create user-generated content, by allowing fans and followers to do the content to participate.

Display your Instagram photos in live events

If your brand is organizing an event, one way to get more exposure from your Instagram account is to display your photos in your live events.

Social Media channels have become an important part of any major event, be it a conference, music festival, private party or sports competition.

Deploying photos of Instagram in the events can be done in an attractive way, that encourages users to participate with their own content and also encourage them to follow you in your account.


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