7 Tips for Enhancement of Your Carpet Cleaning Business.

Carpet cleaning, like any other business, requires special attention. This is, especially when it comes to business diversification/expansion. The reason behind the special attention is that anyone with the right equipment, cleaning supplies and practical knowhow can clean a carpet. However, with a carpet cleaning company aiming to expand into other regions or customer base, there are many carpets cleaning factors and cleaning methods to consider, unknown to many. (Image source: pixabay)

Some of these factors include looking back, analyzing the past operations until that moment and identifying the targets set. Secondly, measuring and assessing whether the business has met its set goals or not, as a way to find out which areas of the business need improvements before the expansion. Some of the factors you may consider looking at include- 

  • Maintenance of a consistent carpet cleaning service for all your customers regardless of the carpet cleaning chore ranging from whole carpet cleaning, stain removal, annual carpet refresher cleaning, among others.
  • Achievement of the set business milestones and targets, following the set goals and the timeframe.
  • Achieving the right revenue goals and keep the proper business reserves for emergencies.

Once convinced that the business is on the right track, then you can go ahead with your expansion plans. Here are some essential tips to help you out.

1. Expand your personnel efficiency or numbers

Growing your business translates to more workload. Covering all the assignments tasked to you by clients in an efficient and quality manner, the company needs a large workforce. You might ask them to take on more working hours, get more workers hired or seek more efficient equipment for your current employee numbers.

You have to keep in mind that hiring new employees, getting the company new or more efficient cleaning equipment has additional costs attached. It is important to feature them, e.g. increased insurance costs in your budget. Make sure the business accounts for any other costs associated with adding your personnel to the workforce.

2. Get new and retain current customers

Marketing can be a way to maintain your existing and valuable customer lot while at the same time attracting new customers. You can reach more customers through proper marketing tactics. You can use social media for advertising your carpet cleaning business, such as placing Facebook adverts. Run active accounts on different media platforms including YouTube, Twitter and even Instagram.

3. Offer Accessories

When cleaning any new place, it is essential to carry extra cleaning supplies, simple equipment that customers can use on their own. These accessories make a big statement of customer value. You can give your customers some DIY tips on different carpet cleaning hacks.

This does not only builds your reputation, but it also increases your customer base. If they ever need a specific product, whether it is for carpet cleaning or related to different fabrics, then you will be the first business they will call to make supplies.

4. Partner with other cleaning services 

When running your carpet cleaning business, think of how you can also start an air duct cleaning business. This will broaden your customer base. However, you can also partner with other businesses offering air duct cleaning. They come across jobs that are not in their descriptions, such as carpet cleaning. The opportunity is that they will refer the client to you as a cleaning associate. 

5. Give extra cleaning services 


Impressing your customers is one way of expanding your business. It results from the recommendations that clients offer you as a business. Once a client books your carpet cleaning services, you have the chance to impress them with not only quality cleaning services but also extra services they never expect.

While cleaning, you can identify other dirty carpets from another room other than which you are there to clean. Cleaning this new carpet is an extra service offered to your current client. The client gets to see the value you put in your cleaning service, getting the impression that your service is not one time but of a continuous nature.

6. Segment your customer

Analyze your customer base using a spreadsheet. You can categorize customers concerning places, and types of carpets cleaned. These may include homes, restaurant or even salon businesses. Some customers require frequent carpet cleaning services such as restaurants at peak hours or seasons.

Make a list of businesses not yet on your list of customers. Seek their opinion on cleaning services, inform them of what other like businesses that have sought your services and are highly satisfied. They might require the services but do not know where to start. In turn, you increase your client pools with a single step.

7. Take Eco-friendliness a step higher

 Today, each person has some level of concern about the environment. Therefore, as a client, the first thing they explore is whether you use eco-friendly equipment, cleaning supplies, and advise on environmentally safe cleaning practices. Being conscious of the environment is one of the factors that can leverage your business in the client’s eye.

You can consider using natural cleaning products approved by your potential clients. Look at the costs of each and compare them and see whether you can afford eco-friendly cleaning equipment and supplies. If possible, add this fact to your advertisements, business brochures and even banners.


Taking your business to the next step is a tricky matter. However, with the above expansion tips, you are bound to improve and enhance your carpet cleaning business within a short period. Even though you need to expand the business, remember always to offer quality carpet cleaning services; this is what will retain your business in the market.

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