7 Thrilling IT Jobs to Watch in 2020

Technology is rapidly evolving, and nowadays, new trends seem to go out of date as soon as they go live. What does that mean for IT professionals? Recruitment for IT jobs is becoming more competitive with employers demanding better skills. Therefore, an IT worker has to learn constantly to update their skills and stay in touch with upcoming technological trends. If your career is technology-based, you should check out some of the IT jobs available at Aware. Here are some exciting IT jobs to keep an eye on in 2020.

1. Artificial intelligence engineer

Automation is a growing trend in today’s world, and there is an increasing need for automation specialists. As additional branches of artificial intelligence develop like machine learning, IT specialists need to learn new skills to adapt to the latest trends. Apart from being an artificial intelligence architect, AI engineers also undertake development, testing, programming, support, and maintenance. These artificial intelligence gigs require a high skill level, but they are excellent tech jobs in terms of remuneration. Besides, machine learning will not become obsolete anytime soon.

2. Data scientist

The increased use of technology means organizations have access to large pools of data from multiple automation tools. Therefore, to utilize the information, they need an IT specialist to make sense of the information to be used in decision-making. Data science is booming, and experts in the field are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry. 

Data scientists transform data gathered by automation software into precise information that can assist in decision-making. The jobs involve compiling and cleaning data. Since automation is the future, data science is becoming a huge and crucial IT skill.

3. Cyber-security specialist

Cyber-security has been around for some time, and its demand is not dwindling. Just like other technology fields, cyber-security is evolving. The threats are becoming more sophisticated, and security specialists are in high-demand to keep companies safe from malevolent hackers.

Organizations are continually coming up with updated security measures that are impenetrable. However, cybercrime is evolving, and hackers are in search of ways to by-pass the security measures in place. Therefore, as long as we rely on technology in information storage, cyber-security will always be a promising career path for IT professionals.

4. Software engineering

Since technology is part of our lives, we rely on software to accomplish numerous tasks. For instance, to run an app on your phone or browse the internet requires software. Moreover, organizations utilize software to perform different functions. Therefore, if you are a software engineer, the demand for your skills is not waning soon. Software developers enjoy a lucrative career, not to mention the thrill of being part of an invention. It is a fulfilling career to look forward to in the future.

5. Database management

As earlier mentioned, automation and new technologies rely on massive amounts of data during development and testing. Therefore, storing and handling information can be hectic. Database managers make information processing easier by managing data for clients and storing it. 

Therefore, whenever a client wants some information, they can access it from a well-organized database. Database administrators are in demand in organizations, which handle large volumes of data. They are also responsible for maintaining information databases and computer systems. They protect data and ensure systems are working efficiently to avoid delays.

6. Data analyst

Handling data is problematic for most companies. However, since they need to interpret the data, organizations recruit specialists who make it useful. Data analysts do more than compile information from numerous sources. They make sure the data is accurate and are experts in finding ways to utilize the information. 

During recruitment for IT jobs in data analysis, IT professionals require skills in interpretation, problem-solving, and a keen eye for detail. Data analyst jobs are here to stay since businesses heavily rely on information to make informed decisions.

7. Web developers

Companies use the internet to connect with the world and sell their products and services. Therefore, to ensure they are visible in search engines, they need to create top-notch websites. That is what web development specializes in building. They utilize programming languages to design websites and applications. They are also well versed with the internet, and they can help companies establish a web presence. 

Web development is expected to grow as many customers continue to rely on the internet, and organizations need to manage websites and web applications. Besides, it is a broad career path involving programming, design, and managing. Therefore, as a web developer, you can focus on one aspect, like the design. The job attracts a lucrative salary, and the demand is continually increasing.

The Verdict

Since technology changes rapidly, being an IT professional requires updating skills regularly to keep your feet wet. However, if you already have the skill, you should utilize it since technology is a promising career for the foreseeable future.

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