7 Local SEO Methods-Ultimate Guide to Drive Traffic

Are you thinking of opening an online store but worried about sales? How will you increase your brand visibility? Will you be able to attract customers, search engines crawl your store, and more. Do questions like these bother you? No need to worry. Have an online store fearlessly as we will share important ways to increase the local traffic and sales in today’s post. Let us go through it:

Best Ways To Optimize Your Online Store For Local SEO

Before implementing the methods, we will explain and make SEO basics very clear. We assume that you have a responsive website that is easy to navigate and loaded fast. Take the next step and learn about local SEO techniques if you have all this.

Create Google My Business(GMB) Listing

GMB is a free service that allows local businesses to manage their Google listings. That listing, including your business name, location, hours, reviews, website, and other information, appears in Google Search and Google Maps. To prove you are a legitimate business owner, go to the homepage, fill out the form and verify your account. This is an unavoidable step. Of course, if you hire an SEO agency to assist you with your local rankings, you may add them as “managers” of your business profile. However, simply entering and validating your company’s details is not sufficient.

Google My Business has a lot of promise for local SEO, but you have to optimize your listing to the max to make use of it. Be sure to have a detailed account specifying your location with a street view, Valid NAP,  business categories, working hours, URL, payment options, uploading high-quality logo & business photos, and more.

Location-Based Mobile Search

Nowadays, almost all mobile devices feature a GPS tracking system, and Google can use this GPS data to make conclusions and generate more relevant results. For example, if you use your smartphone to search for “SEO company,” you’ll primarily obtain results that contain local high-rated SEO agencies. So what occurs is that Google appends the fundamental search terms along the route and location. To rank more locally, create location-specific content and rank for location-specific keywords, such as ‘SEO company in Virginia,’ not just SEO company.

Keyword Research

Competing with top brands in online search engines with generic keywords is difficult. Finding a balance between your organization’s most popular search terms and locally relevant alternatives is crucial for SEO. Let’s pretend you’re a furniture retailer. Simply said, your keywords may be ‘furniture store.’ Add your location to give it a more local feel, such as a furniture store in New York.’ You can also use keyword search tools like keyword planner for a basic search or tools like Semrush for advanced search that gives information about competitors ranking keywords.

Develop Quality Content

Ecommerce organizations should include quality content and SEO from the start. Your articles can help you gain greater Google visibility and establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information that people will return to. You must first comprehend their requirements, preferences, and issues before constructing a compelling narrative around them. Each piece you write should be highly educational, data-driven, and beneficial to those who read it.

Here are some examples of local content that can be useful to you:

  • A calendar of important local events.
  • Guides describing areas of interest in the local area in detail.
  • A list of influencers & local bloggers, experts in your field.
  • Current events and developments in the area
  • Relevant articles on local businesses and organizations.

Listing in Local Directories

It used to be a good idea to put your company in every directory you could find. However, Google’s algorithm has altered to place a greater emphasis on other ranking aspects. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t list your business in a few relevant directories, and they still have some weight and are typically a sign of trust. Start with well-known sites like Glassdoor, Amazon user reviews, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. 

Moreover, concentrate your efforts on business directories relevant to your company’s location and niche. When you advertise your local business on major directories that have nothing to do with you, you risk attracting customers who aren’t interested in making a transaction.

Focusing Reviews

Before making a purchase, many potential customers conduct extensive research on a product and seek feedback from those who purchased from you. This is a fantastic opportunity to use consumer feedback to establish your online store as dependable and authoritative. There are a variety of techniques to gather reviews, including social media, review aggregation sites, online customer satisfaction surveys, and so on.

Some websites compile reviews and allow customers to search for businesses based on their niche and area. Prospects are more likely to trust businesses with positive evaluations of these authority sources. It is advantageous to have a physical location in addition to your online store. Then you can register your company on these websites and expect to receive more leads. They use social media to communicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with brands, post reviews, and share material.

Get Local Backlinks

When a reputable source connects to your website, it’s effectively Google assessing your company. In general, quality backlinks are an excellent tactic for SEO, and this is still true for local SEO. The difference is that instead of looking for link chances on random websites, you seek websites that are experts in your field. You can easily find authoritative websites in your area by conducting a simple Google search. You can get links to your website by publishing guest posts for local bloggers, getting your business listed in city directories, participating in community events, sponsoring a local non-profit organization, publishing stories in local newspapers, etc.

Final Thoughts

These local SEO methods are simple to use and will help you target the right audience. These are cost-effective and consistent, even if they take time to show benefits. You will almost certainly see an increase in local traffic and a higher ranking in the near future.

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