7 impressive Ways AI Can Improve WordPress Websites

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are perhaps two of the most important technological achievements of our time. Sci-fi movies like Terminator painted a very dark image of an intelligent computer, one that goes all out to destroy humanity. But SkyNet is still way into the future (if at all). Today we have AI in almost every aspect of your technological lives. This includes everything from smarter home appliances to smarter Frontier packages advertisements. One area that has immense potential for AI to perform in is WordPress. This blog explores how.

AI Improving WordPress Websites

AI and ML have had a huge impact on many aspects of human life, and WordPress is no exception. The wildly popular platform for developing websites holds a lot of potential for artificial intelligence. There are a large number of ways AI can help developers who use WordPress to create websites. Some of these include the following:

  1. Better SEO
  2. Displaying More Relevant Content
  3. Automate Image Alt Text
  4. Predicting Engagement and Reaction
  5. Curating Better Content
  6. Better Detection of Dangers
  7. Automated Chat Bots

Sound’s interesting doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at how AI can improve WordPress sites below.

Better SEO

One of the first points to consider is that AI can help improve the SEO capability of an interface. Developers have come out with many plugins that suggest optimization points after analyzing your website. How do these tools work? They use publically accessible knowledge graphs in order to suggest improvements in your SEO capabilities. Using these, the AI self-organizes your content. They even allow you to create your own knowledge graphs so that Google’s bots can better understand and crawl your site.

Displaying More Relevant Content

One surefire way of boosting engagement is to offer content that is relevant and relatable to your visitors. More relevant content means visitors will spend longer on your website, reducing the bounce rate considerably. Many AI-based WordPress plugins offer relevant and smarter content suggestions to your website visitors. Using machine learning, these tools understand the type of content that might interest visitors. They will then look through your website for related relevant content and offer it up as suggestions.

Automate Image Alt Text

Most websites need images to enhance the visual aspect of their content. However, if you add an image, you must also add alt text for the search engine to understand what the image is. Obviously, the alt text needs to describe the image and requires optimization (including relevant keywords). All of this ensures the image appears as a result of a relevant search query. However, the process of adding alt text can be time consuming, cumbersome, and annoying. Luckily, many AI-based tools can help ease the process for you. They can scan images, generate descriptions, and add keywords automatically. This saves you considerable time and effort.

Predicting Engagement and Reaction

Content that resonates with the audience is most likely to generate engagement. And everyone knows that the more engagement you have, the better your traffic volume. Human webmasters usually get a feel of what their audience would like to see. But it is very difficult for a human to predict the sort of engagement a certain post would get. AI can help you with this if you own a WordPress site. It can scan the text of your content and predict the emotional reaction it will generate. This gives you an idea of how well your content would perform if you published it.  

Curating Better Content

To get engagement, traffic, and sales, you need to come up with unique, original, and creative content. But the problem is, you need to keep doing this constantly. There are several AI plugins that can help you with this. What they do is curate content from third parties, and serve it to your visitors. The AI makes use of machine learning to get an idea of a user’s preferences before showing relevant curated content. This helps boost the engagement you get on your WordPress site.

Better Detection of Dangers

The internet can be a dark, scary place with plenty of malware and attackers lurking around. Malware and brute force attacks are two of the most common dangers to a WordPress website. AI-based security plugins are a step above their regular counterparts. The plugins learn from each piece of malware they encounter, constantly updating their database. They also constantly update the countermeasures needed to deal with malware. Since malware threats are continuously evolving, an AI-based security plugin makes more sense.

Automated Chat Bots

Chat-based customer service is not exactly new, but automated chat bots are. Chat support allows businesses and customers to connect instantly. A customer with a FiOS internet service issue can immediately connect to Frontier and get it resolved. Most of the time, the queries are repetitive and the responses are predetermined. This is where AI can come in as an effective live chat solution. Using machine learning, many tools analyze the most commonly asked queries. The tools then use this data to predict questions and respond more accurately. This goes a long way to improve real-time customer service on WordPress websites.

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