7 French Cities You Should Visit in 2020

Are you planning to visit France in 2020? By choosing the loveliest French cities for your itinerary, you’re sure to have a great vacation in the new year.

Here are 7 French cities you should visit in 2020:


The French capital deserves a visit during any season of the year! You could kick off the new year with a springtime vacation in Paris, offering you unique moments of the Paris Carnival, set to take place on 23rd February. Summers are less crowded here when Parisians are vacationing out of their home city.

In autumn, you’ll experience postcard-perfect sights of fall foliage back-dropped by elegant buildings and pretty gardens. Christmas time in Paris brings tons of joy, what with the city’s shining lights, and mulled wine’s fragrance filling the air.

Parisian tourist hotspots include the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Palace or Chateau of Versailles, the Louvre Museum housing the impressive Mona Lisa, the charming village of Montmartre, and the medieval, beautifully-architectured Notre Dame Cathedral. (Image Source)

Enjoy taking a night cruise on the River Seine as you admire the sights of brightly-lit architecture. Also, plan a fun-filled picnic in the royal Luxembourg Gardens, packed with pretty lawns, fountains, and fruit orchards.


Making a perfect postcard to send to your loved ones back home, Honfleur is an incredibly pretty town, located along the Normandy coastline. The city’s picturesque harbor is a prime tourist attraction, with beautiful, centuries-old houses overlooking the waters with bobbling yachts. The city’s most photographed spot, Port Honfleur creates a fun-filled spectacle and you simply must stay around this place for a couple of days. Book a cruise to Honfleur for 2020 right away!

You’d best visit Honfleur during summer when the city offers cloudless, blue skies and clear, amazing water reflections. Besides visiting the port, explore the ancient town, while indulging in refreshing Norman pancakes, and visiting its boutiques.

You can’t miss Saint Catherine’s Church, the town’s historic marvel, and France’s earliest and surviving wooden chapel. Also, don’t forget to take pictures of the Normandy Bridge, an engineering marvel spanning the Seine River.


France’s “Sleeping Beauty” situated in the middle of the world-famous wine region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux attracts tourists for its relaxed atmosphere. While visiting Bordeaux, you can even book a stay at one of the several wine estates and indulge in wine tastings.

This beautiful city with honey-gold colored buildings is more than just sipping wine. Packed with excellent restaurants, bars, differently-themed museums, cycling paths, and antique markets, Bordeaux certainly has something for all ages.

Among the noted attractions here are La Cité du Vin, an interactive wine museum, Miroir d’Eau, the biggest reflecting pool in the world, and Rue Saint Catherine, Europe’s longest pedestrian-only shopping street. Next year, if you’re traveling here in May or June, make sure to visit the Bordeaux International Fair, a large-scale trade show including an immersing gaming event.

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Equally nice as the name suggests, Nice is an ultimate tourist trap! This sunny, beautiful city is interestingly multi-cultural and attracts millions of visitors every year. From an extensive, paved beachside promenade to the old town’s cobbled paths, Nice portrays a unique blend of contemporary and traditional living.

Nice has beautiful pebble beaches and warm, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. While the city is full of tourist hotspots like landscaped gardens, historic mansions, museums, and markets, its picturesque towns also are a treat to explore.

Climb up Colline du Château, an impressive hilltop park offering breathtaking views across Nice and the Mediterranean Sea. Just like Paris, Nice also has a grand carnival coming up in February 2020!


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Do you want to simply mooch around a market, admiring different varieties of flowers? Then the Marché Aux Fleurs Cours Saleya Flower Market is the place to be. Breathe in the sweet scents of geraniums, the anemone-shaped dahlias, and the bright, tropical impatiens.

For a homely touch in a foreign land, step right inside Voyageur Nissart, a family-run, budget-friendly restaurant. Savor sautéed lamb and Nicoise salad at this warm and friendly place situated close to the Nice station.


Also called “The Pink City” due to its warm pastel-colored buildings, Toulouse is a university city of France, known for its unconventional atmosphere and refreshing music scene. If you’re here around the middle of April next year, don’t miss out on the Heilung band’s music concert.

With river cruises becoming the rage in France, take in amazing views of the city on a boat ride along the Garonne River. You can also explore a lot here on foot, such as the clay-bricked old town, Place du Capitole, the largest square in Toulouse, the stunning, ancient Saint Sernin Church, and the picturesque Japanese Garden along a long canal.

If art fascinates you, visit the Les Abattoirs Art Museum which often holds interesting exhibitions. Are you a football fan? Then plan a visit to the football stadium situated on a river island.


Exquisite wines and full-strength mustard bring tourists from every corner of the globe to this beautiful, historic city. Dijon is best to visit when its vineyards are full of ripe grapes, i.e. during receding summer or in the fall season.

When visiting the city, make sure to visit the Mulot & Petitjean Gingerbread Factory, where you can taste its famous gingerbread, and also learn more about it. Watch out for the Dijon International and Gastronomic Fair in 2020, involving both professional and amateur cooks.

Besides its delicious cuisine, Dijon also features a fascinating history. This becomes evident as you stroll in the ancient town, admiring sights of 17th-century mansions, its famous basilica Saint-Bénigne de Dijon, and the Dukes’ palace. Dijon is also the place of birth of Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the world-famous, iconic Eiffel Tower.


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A beautiful, fortified medieval city, Carcassonne lies at the heart of the country’s ancient trade routes. Carcassonne’s citadel is more than 2000 years old, with parapets and stone towers encircling the fortified city.

A live monument, Carcassonne has fifty residents, countless shops, hotels, and year-round activities. One of the best places to take back a memorable souvenir!

You’ll have plenty of scope for wining and dining in this city. Whether it’s gourmet food or local specialties like Cassoulet or even a 3-course, bistronomic menu, you’ll get it all here, not to forget the delicious rose wine, yet another local specialty.

How about picnicking at Chateau Pennautier, a thirty-hectare park, and a vast vineyard, while relishing fabulous wine from its shop?

Another point of interest in Carcassonne is the 14th-century pedestrian-only Pont-Vieux Bridge, boasting graceful arches and extending over the Aude River.


So, now you know which cities to visit in France, in the coming year. If you’re planning to drive around some of these cities, make sure you have the car roof racks installed for carrying additional stuff like camping gear or a bicycle.


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