7 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Startup Aspirants

If you want to invest in some business or start or own, now is the time using entrepreneurial ideas. Because if you want to start something you shouldn’t wait and brainstorm ideas before it gets too late.

But following the right approach with the right process is the demand of today’s world. Many businesses fall and rise every day. What’s the key is following a strategy, like if you don’t have a transparent business card, how do you expect to become qualified to succeed?

We have compiled 7 entrepreneurial ideas for all the aspirants who want to make it big time in 2020.

Atelier at home

Despite the large selection of clothes in stores and shopping centers, many prefer to sew them to order to stand out from the general crowd of people. Some use this service, as their sizes are simply not available in stores. Typically, these are customers with non-standard figures, overweight, very high, or vice versa low growth. 

Also, future brides often sew custom-made wedding dresses. Creative groups need frequent tailoring of costumes for performances. In general, the seamstress has enough clients.

You need the ability and desire to sew quickly and efficiently. You will also have to invest in the purchase of a sewing machine, mannequins and other necessary tools. Place your studio advertising on social networks, among friends and acquaintances, in local newspapers. A good reputation after the first completed orders will surely attract new customers.

Trampoline and / or other children’s attractions

Entertainment for children is the most profitable business. Buy a big trampoline and / or carousel, rent a place in the park or in the square of your city. Receive daily profit from each visitor. Such acquisitions are durable, do not require additional costs. They will last you more than one year.

Of course, this idea of ​​a small business will only be profitable in the spring and summer. But daily revenue can reach $1000, and even more on weekends and holidays.

Airbrushing car

The fashion for car airbrushing is now at the peak of popularity. This is a great opportunity to make your iron friend unique, stand out from the gray mass of the same type of car. Also, such cars are rarely hijacked. If you have the gift of painting, then airbrushing is your calling. 

You just need to rent a garage or other room and purchase the necessary materials. You can search for customers on the Internet, and print ads in local newspapers and magazines. Get online business cards made so you can build trust and loyalty with customers. The profit from such an activity is very good and year-round.

Smoked fish

Many of us often buy smoked fish not only on the holiday table, but also on weekdays. Demand for these products is very large. But this business idea requires a lot of investments. It is necessary to find a room for a smokehouse, purchase the necessary equipment, obtain permission from various authorities (SES, fire service and others). 

Since the price of smoked meats is high, the income from this business will be good. You have to look for points of sale of the goods. They can be both small shops and chain supermarkets.

Service “Husband for an hour”

The idea of ​​a small business “Husband for an hour” is very popular among single women and older couples. If your hands grow from the right place, and you are able to repair taps, make wiring, deal with small household appliances, then this business will bring you considerable income.

This type of activity does not require any cash investments. You need professionalism and ingenuity. Be polite and punctual. This will allow you to build a base of regular customers, as well as attract new ones.

Renovation of apartments

Good specialists in the repair of apartments and other premises do not sit without work. This field of activity is very much in demand in the market. A business of this kind is very profitable. Recruit a team of skilled craftsmen, find orders – a steady income will be provided to you. 

There are some types of work that are difficult to do on your own. For example, put tiles, install plumbing, change pipes in the house, and more. Most of us in these cases seek the help of specialists. Yes, almost all, with rare exceptions, hire craftsmen to repair their apartments.

Painting a car with liquid rubber

Liquid rubber is a unique material that protects the car from scratches and cracks. They can cover the entire machine or only certain parts. Liquid rubber withstands any temperature changes, which is very important for our climate. She has no shortcomings, with many advantages. You need to learn how to paint a car with liquid rubber from a spray gun, purchase the necessary material, rent a garage for work.

The painting procedure itself takes no more than two days. And the income from it is more than $2000 from one car. Spending on the liquid rubber itself will not exceed $2500. The benefit is obvious. It will be easy to find customers, as liquid rubber is now at the peak of popularity.

Office lunch delivery

Almost every one of us at least a couple of times a week orders lunch at the office or goes for lunch at a nearby cafe. Everyone loves a tasty meal. Organize cooking at home, hire a courier with a machine to deliver food to customers. 

Call the large organizations of your city and offer them your services for healthy and tasty food. Such an idea of ​​small business will be successful in small cities where there are no kilometer traffic jams. Having found regular customers, you can get a stable income with minimal investment.

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