7 DIY Marvelous Rooftop Garden and Patio Designs to Create Your Roof More Attractive

Rooftop gardens and patios are gaining popularity in urban areas where people have less space in their garden. Also, the land is expensive in urban cities, and people plan to have rooftop gardens and patios to make the most of their house. Rooftop gardens offer you plenty of benefits, and they also increase the curb appeal of your house.

Moreover, they keep the roofs cool, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your homes. Your air conditioner systems don’t need to work hard to cool down your house in summer.

So, let us check these creative rooftop garden and patio designs to enhance the curb appeal of any house.

Tall plants with seating space

To create a beautiful garden on your roof, you need to have a seating space and tall plants around the space. As the roof receives a lot of sunlight all day, tall plants are capable of tolerating the harsh sun and surviving in all conditions. You can create a shed over the seating space to use the space in light rains or the evenings when the sun is still there.

Deck with lights

This patio is small but very well decorated with crafted deck and perfectly installed hidden lights. The beauty of this deck with ambient lights is going to refresh and amuse anyone visiting your rooftop. You can spend time and relax in the evenings to enjoy the whole beauty of this rooftop patio with deck and lights. 

Raised beds 

If there is sufficient space on your roof, you can create raised beds adjacent to the walls. You can create concrete beds or wooden beds if the climate stays pleasant in your area. If the weather is harsh and the area receives rainfall, then you should avoid wood and go with concrete beds. You can grow tall shrubs and trees and maintain them regularly.

You must use a waterproofing membrane on these raised beds. Also, lay a thick root barrier to stop the roots from damaging the roof. Another way is to create slightly elevated beds from the roof so that the roots of plants cannot penetrate the roof. 

Patio with fireplace



A fireplace on the rooftop might seem unusual to some people, but it can create a beautiful space on the roof. Wooden seats with flat cushion seats and a small rectangular table can create a perfect seating space. Create a fireplace on one side of the roof, particularly on the open side, so that the heat or smoke does not damage anything. You can enjoy your parties and winters on the rooftop without worrying about the cold. 

Add a pergola

Nobody wants to sit it the sun for long as and face the harmful effects of UV rays. You can install a pergola on the seating space and cover it with a removable fiber sheet. If you want some light, you can install a translucent sheet that allows partial light to pass through. Adding a pergola with cover offers you protection from the sun and also spend time with your plants.

Garden Patio Combo


A garden patio combo can be a fantastic idea if you have enough space to create both on your roof. This patio garden has a round lawn with a semi-circular hedge and shrubs on all four sides. The wooden tables and benches look fantastic with light color finishing. You can either use chairs and tables for dining and wooden benches for regular sitting. The lawn on the open side of the rooftop offers a clear view of the city and the water body.  

Patio with sofa and canopy


This patio has sofas and cushions to offer homeowners and guests a comfortable seating space. The fireplace is at the center with four cushioned sofas surrounding it. There is one round table with candles and a canopy over it. The glass jars and chairs create a comfortable seating space for any family. You can install additional canopies on other seats, but you should install it on their backside to avoid covering the fireplace. The glass boundaries offer a clear view of the other homes in the surroundings. The fireplace, candles, and the evening skyline create a wonderful space to spend time with friends or family.

Final Words

These are some beautiful rooftop garden and patio design ideas you can use for your roof. Although these ideas are pretty easy to use, homeowners need to spend some money to implement them. If your roof is old and needs repairs, it is best to get it repaired before creating a rooftop garden or patio. You can hire a roof restoration service for repairs of renovation. A patio needs less maintenance than a garden, but you need to use the appropriate materials as everything is going to face the sun and weather conditions. 


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