7 Constituents of a Professional Website Design?

Professional design is not good in itself, but only when it meets the objectives of the site, business, and its end users. It should not only attract but retain the attention of the right user. People will ignore a design that ignores people. 

In this article, we give examples of website design and talk about the latest trends in the world is followed. Follow our article to learn more:

Design Tips for a Successful Website

We have researched with the best of our abilities to list down the design tips every business needs to look for when creating a professional website outlook:

1. Availability of A Clear Strategy

It’s just that the website beauty doesn’t serve the user’s purpose. If he does not understand his purpose, you will just get a simple exit from your site. Hence, a website design needs to be made in a way that serves the end customer to achieve your desired goal.

If its an eCommerce store it needs to presents product photos, serving options and uses vibrant colors that are associated with something sharp. It becomes clear to the visitor a rhinestone what kind of product he is offered to purchase. A high-quality photograph of your business industry representation should be used, the combination of which creates the best experience for the audiences.

2. Easy Usability

Usability covers a lot of options, from download speed to ease of navigation and the availability of search. We already wrote about the principles of web design of the user interface, but here is a short squeeze:

  1. Know the level of your user (the site with which you can build mathematical models will differ greatly in the interface from the online clothing store).
  2. Use well-known models (if the user does not understand how to use the site menu, then he is unlikely to take time for its contents).
  3. Create a visual hierarchy (show the user what’s most important and clearly separate the blocks of text to make viewing easier).
  4. Do not complicate (if something could even be easier – do it).

For example, a lot of sites use icons and principles that are familiar to users by mail (drag and drop to-do in the list, inbox, chat) and office applications and calendars (alerts, sorting), as well as the standard deletion of completed cases for paper lists.

3. The presence of style 

A good site matches the existing marketing materials of the company, corporate colors, and values. At the same time, the laws of composition are observed on it and it is reasonable to use empty space. It awakens the necessary feelings from the user: reliability, joy, confidence, compassion – depending on the goals of the company.

To give this idea some reference, web site design company in Egypt make it really easy for businesses to achieve objectives by following the latest professional website designs.

For example, the Starbucks website uses a signature shade of green and black – the color of the main drink, which the company sells in 67 countries of the world:

4. The quality of the content

It consists of two indicators: the readability of the utility. If useful content is unreadable, then the user will never know how valuable it was. At the same time, uninteresting content that is not useful will not save even with a perfect layout.

5. Can you trust this site? 

The corporate site, where only the email address is indicated as the means of communication, causes distrust among users. Blogs about the authors of which nothing is known to seem unreliable. Stores that do not say anything about payment and delivery methods do not receive orders. Therefore check:

  1. Is it clear who owns the site?
  2. Is the company logo visible?
  3. Our detailed contact details provided: postal address, map, working hours, phone numbers, email address.
  4. Is there a section on the site dedicated to company employees? The presence of such a section creates the feeling of an already established acquaintance.
  5. Are there customer reviews and portfolios on the site?
  6. What is known about the history of the company? How long has it been around? Who is the founder? What are your goals?
  7. Is there any warranty return and service information? Terms of use and privacy policy?

On the websites of all well-known companies, there are elements that indicate their reliability. For example, here is a website design fragment of the official Hewlett-Packard store, in the footer of which there are all the necessary links regarding the terms of use, user privacy, warranty service, and product recycling:

The user gets the cost of the equipment immediately- this is credible.

Trending design for websites

In addition to meeting the above requirements, it is worth considering the current trends in web design and using those that are applicable in a particular case. What is popular now?


Previously, only PCs and laptops were used to access the Internet, but now there are many more devices with screens of different sizes: smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. To make users of these devices comfortable browsing the site, you should consider using adaptive layout

Flat design

The flat design will retain its position as it focuses on the end-user. It is characterized by simplicity, the absence of unnecessary effects and simple typography:

Propagation of UI Patterns

With the advent of single-page web applications, sites are becoming more unified. Numerous examples of web design testify to the widespread use of a hamburger menu, a short form of registration, login using accounts on social networks, long scroll, and others. 

To understand whether this or that trend can be followed, ask yourself:

  • Will it improve understanding of the purpose of the site?
  • Will the new design make navigation harder?
  • Will it prevent users from performing actions on the site? (For example, register or leave feedback.)
  • Is this able to distort the brand image?

We hope that the ideas presented in this article for the design of an e-commerce site will help you decide what you would like to see on your company’s website.

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