6 Ways Self-Charging E-bike KYMIRA, Do Not Need To Ever Plug In!

Most people use electric bikes for their intended purpose, making it super easy for the rider to get around, and have a deep satisfaction of their contribution to a safer environment.  

An electric bike is still the most economical, environmental, and most sustainable form of personal transport.  

One major demerit of an electric bike is its power requirement, it requires recharging after its designed range, and you need to find the charging station or come back to your home to power up the battery. It is a rare proposition of a bike or bicycle that will magically recharge itself, right!  

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Images credit: Tim Carolin  

If we believe the concept of Tim Carolin’s invention ‘KYMIRA’, a self-charging extreme power e-bike, it could revolutionize the way we think about an electric bike or bicycle.  

To help the people living across the globe especially the third world countries, a Montana-based Tim, has invented a 2WD, Rim Drive, self-charging, carbon fiber FAT e-bike that has the capability to regenerate power in six ways and you do not need to ever plugin!  

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Images credit: Tim Carolin  

The patented e-bike having 13,000 watts of adrenaline-pumping speed, is designed for steep climbs and heavy loads.   

It utilizes the natural forces in six ways to propel and helps in saving our depleting energy resources. Tim needs funds for the manufacturing of KYMIRA and the e-bike campaign is currently live at Indiegogo.  

The KYMIRA weighs only 65 lbs and has a speed of 60 mph with the capability to haul a max of 1000 lbs.   

The features include stationary pedal charging, pedantic torque sensor, perimeter braking, and downshifting, regenerating high power, adjust on the fly with twist selector ring, according to Tim.  

ECO mode riding gives you about 6,400 watts max motor power and a max speed of 35 mph. You can also maintain the battery life based on load and riding conditions.

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