6 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality at Night

Your body demands not only a healthy diet but also needs quality sleep. Studies reveal that poor sleep quality cannot let you do your work and pay attention to regular activities. We can say that proper sleep is associated with brain function, hormones, and exercise.

Lack of sleep can result in obesity issues and put you at high risk of developing different health diseases. People who suffer from sleep issues may eat more and more to avoid the anxiety they feel. CDC also throws light on sleep disorders.

Feeling all day tired can interfere with your daily activities. If you are gaining weight, you should focus on how much you sleep and what you eat. Experts believe that we should exercise and do some physical activities throughout the day to improve sleep quality.

Tips to Sleep Better at Night

● Avoid the Blue Light Exposure in Late Hours

General physicians reveal that light exposure has different effects for night and daytime. Daytime light exposure can be beneficial for your eyes, but it has a negative effect at nighttime.

During the light exposure during nighttime, your circadian rhythm tricks your brain that it is still daytime. Such thoughts can interfere with your hormones like melatonin that promote deep sleep and help you relax.

Digital devices emit lights which are not beneficial for your eyes and end up with poor sleep quality. You should wear glasses to restrict the blue light, or you can use an app to reduce the blue light exposure of your computer. Experts believe that people should avoid watching TV 2 hours before to hide in bed.

●     Never Consume Caffeine in Late Hours

Caffeine intake can be beneficial if you work during the daytime, but late hour’s intake can interfere with your sleep quality. When you drink coffee or any other caffeine beverage, it stimulates the nervous system and will not allow your body to relax at night. Experts recommend avoiding the intake of caffeine after 3-4 pm.

●     Do Not Take Long Time Naps

When you take a nap during the daytime, it boosts your energy and improves brain function. But if you sleep for a long time, it may affect your night sleep pattern and harm your health. If you work hard, take a short power nap and refresh yourself.

●     Increase the Bright Light Exposure during Daytime

Researchers say that our body has its own clock that is known as circadian rhythm. It tells your body when to wake up, and the brain to function and balance the hormones. In this way, it helps you stay awake during the daytime.

Exposure to sunlight helps to maintain a circadian rhythm that ends up boosting energy levels to do the daytime task. A study says that two hours of light exposure increases the sleep duration up to two hours.

If you do not get sunlight exposure, buy an artificial bright light.

●     Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is dangerous for overall health and can lead to many potential health issues. You should avoid alcohol if you want to get quality sleep. Many experts believe that alcohol consumption triggers the symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, sleep pattern, etc. It also reduces the growth of the human growth hormones that are an essential key for circadian rhythm.

●     Optimize Your Room Temperature and Environment

Room and other setups contribute to sleep quality. You should focus on what is the temperature of your room, noise, furniture quality, etc. If you hear traffic noise at night, it may cause several health issues. You need to make sure about your room mattress quality if it is comfortable or not.

Temperature is the key fact of quality sleep. During summer, many people cannot enjoy sleep at night. You should keep your room temperature around 20°C.

Final Thoughts

Relax with a bath because it improves sleep quality. If you can’t fall asleep faster, you should take a relaxing bath. At night, you should soak your feet in hot water to sleep tight.


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