6 Things To Think About Before Selling Your House

Purchasing a house is one Herculean task, selling it is another one. You have lived in your sweet home for quite some time and one fine day you may have to leave it. This may be due to many reasons like a transfer to another place, your locality is no more like what is used to be or you are just bored with your old home.

Whatever be the reason, now that it is decided that you have to sell your house, here is a checklist of some important things to think about before selling your house.

Without much delay, let’s jump into the topic.

#1 Letting people know your house is on sale.

You must let people in your vicinity know that your house is for sale. So, the first ever thing you may want to do is to put up a signboard saying that the house is on sale. Then, you may want to post in websites which provide a bridge between the buyers and sellers, where people lookup first when they need a home to purchase. Also, spread the message in your contacts and ask them to spread the word. This takes a lot of time and much of your efforts. To save you from this, there are the real estate agents or property management companies.

#2 Hiring Real Estate Agents

If you are not willing to take up the extra effort, then you will have to hire real estate agents to get your work done. They will have contacts of potential buyers. For example, if you stay in Miami, the real estate agents will have the list of people who have approached them and are looking for a house there.  They will be in a better position to get your house sold faster for a commission that both you and the buyers have to pay.

#3 Market Information

Real estate is a fluctuating field. So, you may want to be updated on the happenings in the real estate so that you can sell your house for the best price in the market. You may also want to brush up your negotiating skills. These skills are also necessary because the buyers will always look for a lower price, no matter how low price you offer. The trick is to start at a higher rate than what you expect for your house and come down to a rate somewhere near it.

#4 Legal Issues

Sale of a house or any other immovable property comes with a lot of paperwork. So, make sure you know the legal aspects and the paperwork involved before venturing into selling your house. Consider taking professional service for this issue if you are not a lawyer yourself. Another alternative would be to approach a property management company which will be a one-stop solution for all your selling needs and they usually hire legal experts to help you sort those legal issues out.

These were a few technical aspects to start while planning to sell your house. Now, let’s focus on making your house ready for the deal.

#5 Repairs

No matter how well you maintain your home, there is always some maintenance work cropping up. Your first priority is to get all the repairs done. They may be minor ones like the switches, fans, Wall And major ones like fixing broken tiles and repair a garage door. Finish this off before even putting the board. Any pending repair work will instantly get down the market value of your house.

#6 Make your house presentable.

Your house must look like a good buying option for potential buyers. So, you may want to take up a painting project of your house, mend the front garden and even clean your house up. You should make colour choices that create the most appealing view of your house. Also, make sure you fix the walls which might have minor damages like scrapes.

These were the promised 6 things to consider while selling your house. But, we would like to elaborate on the last point as that is what ultimately matters. The buyer must feel that your house is good enough for them to put up in.

So, here are a few last moment tips that will increase the chances of the potential buyer going ahead with the deal when he/she visits your house which is up for sale.

  • Decluttering things – Every house has stacks for clothes in the wardrobe, cluttered things in the showcase and glass cabinets, especially if your family stays with you. The potential buyer would like to see things sorted out because he/she will already be planning where to place their things. So, when he/she visits your house, this mental picture should not be disturbed as this plays a crucial role in making decisions. So, reduce the items in the house by 50% (you can keep the rest in carton boxes). This will help make a better appeal to the buyer.
  • Rearranging furniture – When you are staying in your home, the furniture will be arranged in a manner which is suitable for your family. When your house is up for sale, furniture can be a great way to impress the buyer. So, look up furniture arranging ideas on the internet and arrange them in a way that you feel will impress the client.
  • Lighting – Lighting is also important when it comes to selling houses. So, if in your home- lighting is out of date, upgrade it, preferably with appealing designs. This will definitely be a plus point for you.
  • Fixing the hardware – Look for any defects in the doors, drawers, etc and fix them as soon as possible. Nothing is more annoying than a broken doorknob or a drawer handle.
  • Getting rid of pet odours – If you have pets, then this point is worth considering. If your garage or even home smells of animal refuse, make sure you sort this out soon. There is nothing unwelcoming than that smell for a potential buyer.

So, these were a few things to consider before selling your house. You can contact some competent real estate agents and take suggestions from them. For instance, in Florida, the real estate agents will know the Florida Club homes for sale and the  potential buyers looking for the same. This will accelerate the process of selling your house.

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