6 Health Gadgets Every Wellness Guru Needs

If you consider yourself to be a wellness guru, you surely know how important living a healthy life is. You constantly monitor your body and look for signs of how to improve the quality of your life. However, over time, constant checking for vital body signals can be pretty exhausting.

Luckily, a balanced and healthy life has never been closer thanks to technology. Today we have numerous apps and gadgets that make our life so much easier. Besides showing us how we live, they indicate how we can improve our lives.

Take a look at these health gadgets that can change your life, quite literally

1. Sleep sensors

Many people sleep during the night but wake up feeling tired or not properly rested. Others want to precisely track the quality and the quantity of their sleep. Some people even want to know what keeps them up at night or wakes them up at a certain time. Sleep sensors are a perfect gadget for answering all your questions.

Sleep monitors and sensors help you determine where the problem is. They usually come in the form of a wristband you attach to your arm and connect with your phone. Sleep sensors measure movement, sound, light and temperature of your body and the room, and help you track the progress of your sleep.

Sleep is a vital part of our circa dial rhythm. By tracking it you can see what things influence the quantity and quality of the sleep you get during the night. Better-quality sleep leads to a better quality of life.

2. Sun protector

Everyone wants to keep their skin young and beautiful as long as possible. If you ask any dermatologist or skin expert about the longevity of gorgeous face, they will say that sunscreen and sun protection are essential. SPF prevents wrinkles and minimises the signs of ageing, yet we don’t apply it every day.

That’s why scientist came up with a revolutionary idea to create a gadget that protects you from the sun. It’s a small sensor that you attach to your clothing. It measures your exposure to the UV and transfers the data to the app on your phone. This lets you know when you’ve been exposed to the sun for too long.

Besides the daily UV exposure, that app also tracks pollution and pollen in your area. It warns you when the levels of measured become dangerous or hazardous for you or your skin.

3. Allergy testers

Living with food allergies can be quite challenging. You can’t spontaneously walk in the restaurant and order whatever you like before checking if they have food that is suitable for your specific diet. Even if you’re not allergic but intolerant, or simply want to decrease the intake of gluten, ordering food can be difficult. The chef may claim that your food contains no gluten or peanuts, however, it may have gotten in contact with the food that does. Is it worth the risk?

Instead of risking and feeling horrible that night, invest in good gluten or peanut tester. Most of the testers are around 97% accurate, which makes them an ideal companion for a dinner night out with friends.

To run the test, place or pour a small amount of food in the capsule. Tests take around 2-3 minutes, so you’ll be eating your delicious food in no time. Prices vary depending on the size and type of the tester you purchase.

4. Smart water bottle

Every wellness guru promotes physical activity as one of the crucial activities during the day. If you’re a fitness freak you surely know how much water you sweat out during your regular workout routine. That’s why you need to drink enough water before, during, and after your exercises to compromise the loss. That is only one of many reasons why hydration is important.

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Photo by Julia Sakelli from Pexels

Buying a plastic bottle every time you hit the gym, go jogging, or do exercises at home is a waste of money and natural resources. Considering the fact that our planet is already crammed with plastic garbage that isn’t reused, buying a non-reusable water bottle only contributes to the waste.

That’s why smart bottles are an amazing solution. They track your water intake and help you achieve your daily goals. You can even sync them with health apps on your phone. Some smart bottles are also self-cleaning. They have a built-in water purifier, keep your beverage cold for 24 or hot for 12 hours.

5. Leg massager

After a long day of walking, running, or standing in uncomfortable shoes, having sore legs and feet in inevitable. Your feet and legs may even become swollen which definitely makes walking or standing difficult. You’d lie if you said that it doesn’t affect your daily life and your functionality. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal masseuse who could elevate the pain and make your legs feel reborn?

Since having a personal massage therapist isn’t an option unless you’re a millionaire, more cost-effective and more reliable choice is the high-quality leg massager. You won’t have to worry about your aching legs ever again. Leg massagers provide relaxation and tension relief in under 15 minutes.

It improves the circulation in your lower extremities and lowers your blood pressure. Leg massagers can help you heal from the foot or ankle injury or treat flat feet. Benefits for those who need it are endless.

6. Headphones that don’t fall out

Don’t you hate it when you’re outside, jogging and suddenly your earbuds fall out? You’re at risk of losing them and exposing your guilty pleasure jams to the world. If you’re a real fitness guru, getting the headphones that don’t fall out seems like a sound investment.

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Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels

No matter how fast you run or how hard you work out, headphones that go above and beyond are ideal for the gym or home workouts. They are usually connected to your phone via Bluetooth and their batteries last for 5-6 or even more hours. More than enough to get you through the exercise routine.

Wireless above and beyond headphones, like many others, require regular cleaning. Sweat, dust, and earwax will get to them no matter how hard you try to protect them. That’s why you need to know how to properly clean your headphones. It prevents bacteria from getting to your ears and increases the headphones’ lifespan.


We should use technological advancements to improve the quality of our life and overall health. They can make our days easier and eliminate the struggles we face. Only real wellness gurus know how beneficial they are. Are you one of them?


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