6 Best Free Graphic Designing Software for Beginners

It is a dream of many youngsters to get master skills in graphic designing. But they need to invest the right amount of money in fulfilling their desire to become a graphic designer. Usually, these strugglers had a lack of funds to achieve their goals; that’s why they prefer to get primary graphic designing education from free online tutorials and videos. They also prefer to go with free graphic designing software though Abode is providing an exciting range of graphic design software in this regard. That’s why we are going to share the best free graphic designing software for beginners here.

Blender — A Perfect Free Graphic Designing Software

If you are looking for free graphic design features including animation, modeling, texturing, video editing and sculpting etc. then Blender should be your first choice. This open-source tool is usually used by vloggers to edit their YouTube videos and make graphics. In the same token, it also functions in a perfect manner to create outstanding animations.

Krita — A Best Open Source Free Graphic Designing Software

If you are looking for a free open source graphic design software for all systems including Windows, macOS and Linux, then Krita should be a viable option. Due to its high-quality matte and texture paint options, TechRadar also gave it 1st rank among the best free paint software of 2019. In addition, Krita is not only easy to use, but beginners can also customize the user interface according to their requirements.

Inkscape — A Free Graphic Designing Tool with Community Help

Probably as a beginner, you would need community help to make exciting animations and graphics, and Inkscape could be your preference with a friendly community. Yes, Inkscape doesn’t only offer free graphic designing tools but also owns a community to help beginners and give suggestions about various projects. Though their control system has much space for improvement and upgradations, but there is no comparison of their vector art tools among free graphic design services.

Some other out of the box features of Inkscape are Z-order operations, pencil, pen and calligraphy tools, and a large variety of online clones. It is accessible at all systems including Windows, Linus and macOS. You can also download this software from the Microsoft Store here.


If you are willing to get excellent modeling skills, then SketchUp should be a considerable option. Though it offers distinct premium programs and tools to draw 3D workplace ideas but yes, it also allows free version for beginners. With a free version of SketchUp, you can visualize your ideas into 3D and 2D models with great ease. So, either you are willing to work on your existing modeling project or want to use SketchUp as a beginner the all you need is one good laptop and internet connection. Interestingly, you can also use SketchUp App at your smartphone to draw classic 3D and 2D designs.


If you are looking for a fundamental free graphic designing software with simple tools and a variety of themes, then DesignWizard could be the right place. Here, you can access near about 10,000 free templates and standard colour palettes. They also offer a complete library to graphic designers where they can find artistic fonts, images and themes.

Canva — A Great Free Online Graphic Designing Tool

On the other hand, if you are looking for a free graphic designing tool online to make small edits and themes, then Canva could be a nice free option. It is terrific if you are going to make a logo, graphic chart or even willing to design a colourful background image. It is not only suitable for graphic designers, but social media users also prefer this platform to make trendy DPs, posters and cover images.

All in all, the primary purpose to share this article with our readers to make them aware of the availability of free graphic designing software for beginners. So, if you are willing to create a strong portfolio in graphic designing as a beginner, then you should start with free software instead of a paid option. However, if you know some other exciting free options in this regard, then you are welcomed to share them with us by commenting below!

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