6 Essential Tips on Secure Queue Management During the COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 has changed our lives in every way. Nowadays we are living in a different manner and following all measures for safety. Also, COVID-19 has created the lockdown situation globally and the outbreak of this virus creates fear in our minds. For maintaining a social distance, the queue management system is required in every place.

Most of the people are working from home but there are few sectors which are still open such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, government offices and some more. But for that, we have to take some measures considering the safety of this chronic virus. So how to manage the staff and customers in a lockdown situation?

For safety measures, the world health organization has recommended some precautionary measures to be protected from such pandemic disease as there is no cure yet.

It is the responsibility of the company owner to keep their staff and customers protected in the queue while they come for shopping. Having safe queues during quarantine is another level of difficulty.

You can manage everything with the queue management system. Customers and staff are the two pillars of the business. They would be safe if there is the right queue management system. Queue management is the most important for crowded places so that no other person gets infected from the virus. Here in this article, we are going to review six important tips to make the queuing process easy and safe in lockdown.

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6 imperative tips on secure queue management during the lockdown

– Enable Digital Queuing
– Keep your employees healthy
– Sanitize the areas
– Suggest Diet Plan
– Add guidelines for staff and employees
– Wrapping Up

6 imperative tips on secure queue management during the lockdown

Enable Digital Queuing

Digital queueing is the demand for any business. The Digital era makes queuing simple and easy. As everything is done online. To manage the queues and handle your customers is very effortless with digital queuing.

Customers can do the registration online and give their contact details so that they get the message of the appointment. With this, you can free up the lobbies. This way your staff will also not get burdened with the work.

Keep your employees healthy

Health is wealth. If you and your employees are healthy then you can keep your clients safe as well as make them work efficiently. So, their health is very important to you. Give some guidelines to your staff and the right assistance to the team members and stop spreading this disease.

Here are some tips that you can give to staff:

● Understand the employees who may be required to stay at home if a family member is not well.
● Always make sure that if any employee is sick then he/ she must stay at home.
● Give them travel guidelines.
● Review the human resources policies to make sure that they are consistent with public health recommendations as well as with the existing state.
● Suggest them to take good diets to strengthen their immune system.
● Staff must clean their hands after touching anything.
● Recommend them to use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
● All business owners should comply with the above-given action plans and practices.

Keep Social Distance

Social distance is something that is the demand of the world. It’s better to maintain the social distance in public for your and others’ safety. Social interaction is the best way to handle the situation. Make sure that you add the guidelines for your clients and staff.

As per the guidelines of WHO there should be a 1-meter distance between the people to stop the spread.

You can use some special marks with spacing measures to maintain the distance that they can stand at the designated place. Floor markers are the best solution for this.

Also, suggest the clients do digital payment rather than cash. As cash money can also become the cause of the spreading of bacteria. Make sure your staff will wear gloves and place the issues nearby to keep everything clean and disinfected.

Sanitize the areas

It’s important to keep everything around you bacteria-free. All the hard surfaces like door handles, tables, chairs, reception, washrooms within your office, and team areas should be cleaned with the anti-bacterial products regularly.

So that you can maintain the hygiene of the organization. Bring the anti-bacterial wipes on the tables so that they can clean their hands before touching anything.

Suggest Diet Plan

It is very essential to keep yourself healthy and keep the immunity strong. For that, you can guide your customers with a good diet plan.

After the recommendation of a dietitian, you can post the diet on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to make the people more aware about the diet. Also, guide some exercise for homes like yoga, Zumba, etc.

Add guidelines for staff and employees

Client health is a very crucial part. It is very important to follow the instructions to keep your customers healthy and safe. Here are some tips to take care of your customers in a mannered way!!

● Ask clients to postpone the appointments ahead if they are not feeling well. You can do this by sending them an SMS reminder message.
● Train the team to perform routine cleaning more than once.
● Answer the queries of the clients concerning safety.
● Hire one health expert.
● Try to advise employees about the concerning circumstances under which they should not report to work. Communicate them if they are not feeling well and try to find out the related reasons.
● As it is an infected virus it can spread by touching the things around you. So it’s important to take care of the packaging.
● Guide the staff to sanitize the things first before delivering to the clients. Therefore, every material should be ‘deep clean’.
● It is advised to follow all the necessary precautions to workers in the premises along with the exclusion of co-workers who are close contacts

Wrapping Up

Above we have discussed some of 6 crucial tips on secure queue management during the lockdown. These tips will be very helpful for your organization and clients to protect from chronic disease.

Most countries are in the lockdown situation, so being a responsible business owner it’s important to help your society and bring positivity across the globe. This will help to build the trust of the workers and clients that you are concerned about them.

Your small effort can save everyone’s life.

Hopefully, this article will give you the best knowledge.

Thank you for reading!!

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