6 Effective Tips to Improve Web Design

It’s quite daunting to drive a stream of traffic to your website. It demands the perfect integration of relevant keywords, high-quality content, trendy niches, and much more. Now if you are successful in acquiring massive traffic, will it remain consistent on your web domain? Will you keep on improving user retention on your website? The increased bounce rate is frightening, especially when you have put a lot of efforts to bring your website in the spotlight. 

Well, besides all those given factors, the first user impression is what matters the most. When a user lands on your website, what needs to be showcased to make him/her engaged. The efforts you have made to promote your web domain could fade into insignificance if there is a poor bounce rate. Shady web design can lead users to nowhere, and hence, there will be a high bounce rate. To maximize your conversions, it is essential to improve the layout of your website. Here are a few web design tips to improve your bounce rate.

Optimize web pages speed

Users often get annoyed when they see the webpages takes more than a while to load its contents. Now with a stack, a website’s emerging every other day, people of a lot of choices to get their intended information. They prefer to reach the results instantly without any delay. When they realize your website is not optimized well to load content faster, they will conceive it as a low-quality website.

Along with all the website optimization factors, website speed is what has a considerable importance. If you find it challenging to optimize your website ideal performance, you can reach out to a well-known web design company known as Go-Gulf. The company offers seamless web design services and has plenty of dedicated individuals who are expert in their jobs.

Reduce image file size

The content on your website incorporate images that are essential to depict the essence of a story or to reveal more details about the given information. The images grabbed a massive allocated space on your website and took time to reveal on the user screen if they are extremely high in quality and large in size. Ideally, they need to be optimized to look with acceptable quality (not a pixelated one) with minimal file size. There are plenty of tools available online that are designed for this particular job.

Do away with unused tools

There comes a time when we have to make use of additional tools to introduce some specific functionality on a website. When these tools are of no use, then they need to be removed instantly. Each time your website loads these tools, it also consumes resources, hence makes your website drastically slow. So, it is crucial to get rid of unused plugins or extensions as early as possible. 

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The website designing is an arduous job where an expert needs to fabricate web elements following the hierarchy and structure of other elements. Sometimes, he/she needs to affix an extra piece of code to remember his path and to streamline the workflow. Many times he/she forgets to remove this code, and it remains there in the final output as well.

The HTML, Javascript, and CSS need to be minified, so only the refined and necessary code stays there, and the rest of the code wipes out.

Utilize the services of a high-end web host

Web hosts make your website available to the audience. The efficiency of web hosts plays a key role in the loading speed of web pages. These days there are plenty of web hosting services that promise to offer faster web page loading speeds with minimal fees. Most of them keep your webpages load slowly when the up to a specific limit of audience land simultaneously. The delay in webpages can make users irritated.

Make sure you have invested in the right one; otherwise, you will find it hard to make conversions because of slow loading web pages.

Lead visitors to conversions

Your website needs to optimize for conversions to make most out of it. Those features that will drive users to the productive areas of the website should be prominent. The visual hierarchy should be harmonized with the theme of the website. Make use of vibrant colors, bold fonts, and large text sizes to support the visual hierarchy. Lead your visitors to the most important elements with clear visual cues. The eye-catchy content and web components can bring wonders for your website, and you will see inclining audience retention when everything is well optimized on your website.

Final Words

Along with all the high-end tools, your website is one of the most marketing and brand promotional tools which can create a significant impact on your sales. It’s crucial to update your website and embellish it with modern and trendy elements to make it look more advanced. An improved ROI demands a better user experience which requires perfect management of web elements, seamless navigation, fast loading times, responsive web design, and much more.


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