6 Decor Ideas for Kids that will Enhance their Learning

Creative intelligence is very crucial to prepare your kids for life’s dynamic changes. Here is how you can help your kids become more creative and exercise their brains at the same time.

A child’s brain is like an ocean of thoughts and imagination. Our brain soaks in as much information as possible until a certain age. As we grow older, prejudices and bias overshadow our logical thinking, and we start to question things more than necessary. The early years of parenting are very crucial to how a child reacts and responds to life’s scenarios. And it is equally important to engage their creative part as well.

With hundreds of Play Schools and Kindergartens promising a genius out of a toddler, you might not want to think of doing the job yourself. But, parents are a kid’s first role model and ‘nothing says loving like home’! Want to raise a genius through the subtle art of creativity? Here are 6 decor ideas for kids that will enhance their learning.

1.Art Corner

Art is a beautiful form of expression. And letting your kids paint their heart out has multiple benefits. It is a form of psychotherapy and helps children reveal how they feel. What’s on their mind and if something is bothering them. It helps them peacefully release their frustration and anger. Not to mention, it also tickles their imagination and helps the brain with thought association.

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Reserve a wall of your kid’s room, entirely for painting. Making it look aesthetically pleasing will encourage kids to paint cleanly instead of doing random scribbles. You can also pin down their drawing and hand made posters on this wall.

2. Stellar Ceiling

The universe is a mystery, and kids love puzzles. Tell your kids the story of the world, stars, planets and constellations before going to bed. You don’t have to get into the technical details, just an outline of how it all happened. It is going to pique their curiosity and enhance their thinking ability.

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It is a fun group activity. You can create miniature models of stars, moon and planets and cover them with fluorescent sheets. You can also get some glow stickers of celestial objects and paste them on the ceiling along with your DIY crafts. Switch off the lights and wait for the magic to happen. The roof will beautifully transform into a night sky!

3. Travel Board

Kid or not, a travel board adds more than a pop of colour to your room. It opens up your imagination to possibilities. Having a travel board in your kid’s room is a great way to encourage them to study harder, know about places, be inquisitive and be a little dreamy now and then. 

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There are many ways of making this addition to their room. You can dedicate a wall for maps, plans, routes and even pictures of your Visas. Or you can paint the entire wall, representing a world map. A ‘been there done that’ pinboard is yet another good idea. That way, the kids can keep track of all the places they have been to and want to go. Speaking of which why not gift them a scratch-off map of the world this birthday? Scratch off maps can make a beautiful addition to a room and can come in handy during travels. 

4.  Creative Work Station

Almost every adult has one of these in their rooms.  How about you install a miniature one in your kid’s room? Work stations bring in more focus and encourage innovation. Instead of lying around, doodling on a notebook, your kid will stay absorbed in some creative ( and hopefully productive) project.

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Letting them design their own work station has many benefits. First and most obvious, would you like any other person to design your workspace for you? It’s a personal space after all. Let them pick their own setup and design. This will strengthen your bond with your kids and avoid behavioural issues in the long run. Giving kids their own space is not a bad idea. Having a workstation will teach them a lot about desk organisation as well. This is one addition we strongly recommend!

5. Detox Zone

Everyone needs a detox every once in a while. Even kids. Having a reading spot by the window, where they can simply sit and enjoy a beverage or a book on a rainy weekend, is by itself a very muted form of meditation.

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It doesn’t have to look boring. You can make colourful additions to this ‘detox zone’. Got any wooden scraps lying around the house? How about a DIY book rack by the window. You can call it a mini library. Try to add some good lighting as well. Decorate it with vintage lamps, fairy lights or maybe Harry Potter merchandise..!? The goal is to make it less dull and dreary. Your kids are going to fall in love with books and libraries as they grow up.

6. Accomplishments Rack

We all need a little reminding when it comes to accomplishments. Nobody feels the same level of motivation every day. And school years can be tough at times!

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Clear some shelves off the cupboard and turn it into an accomplishment rack. Any trophies, photos, certificates of participation – they all go in here. It is not always about flashing your accomplishments to others, sometimes it acts as a remembrance, to keep going, keep pushing and keep hustling.

Creativity, experimenting, taking risks, making mistakes and even breaking the rules (at times) are all a part of growing up. Make sure your kids don’t miss out on any of these.

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