5 Ways to Improve Your Mountain Biking Skills

After noticing that your sedentary lifestyle has started taking a toll on your health, you acted wisely and purchased one of the best Santa Cruz mountain bikes. You were expecting an exciting ride to your work but your very first commute led to knee pain.   

It is pretty easy to get rid of knee pain from cycling. All you have to do is a little saddle adjustment. Cycling will not cause any knee pain. Understanding that you are here to learn about 5 ways to improve your mountain biking, let’s cut to the chase and see what professional cyclists have to say.  

5 ways to improve mountain biking 

Start building endurance

Endurance is the most important asset of a mountain biker. This is one of the most important things you need when out on the trail. It doesn’t matter whether you are participating in a professional competition or you are doing this just for fun and enjoyment, you need endurance if you are planning to conquer a challenging mountain trail.   

A trail presenting a real challenge usually spreads over many kilometers. Trail with varied terrain consisting of big climbs, wild downhill rides, and long distances tests your endurance.  

Start with testing your endurance on a road. Go for a long session. This will help you in developing the strength you need for maintaining a steady pace during long cycling sessions.   

Combining technical mountain bike trails with longer rides will not only help in building endurance strength but cardio as well. Join a local cycling group. 

Start indoor training 

Hit a gym and jump on a stationary bike. Got one at home? Great. Start indoor training. An indoor stationary cycle is the best for off-season training. You can also join spin classes. The supportive environment in these classes will give you an extra dose of motivation.   

Strengthen your legs

Ivan Basso, who has won the famous Giro d’Italia cycling tour twice, says that you have to get your legs in the best shape in order to pedal for longer. This will help in producing more sheer power. According to Basso, leg curls is the best for strengthening legs.   

However, there are many other training options for gaining more strength. Step-ups, split squads, reaches and there are a few other exercises for getting strong legs. You cannot become a better mountain rider without stronger legs.   

Improve your core strength

This is an important part of your body. If you want excellent balance while riding a mountain bike, you will have to work on the strength of your core. Improving abdominal strength improves performance and resistance. 200 – 300 classic crunches a day are perfect to work on abs.   

However, do not directly jump to higher repetition. Your muscle needs 24 hours to recover. Prepare yourself for soreness after an intense training. Soreness is also a sign of muscle injury. It is important to listen to your body.  

Correct posture 

Correct posture plays an important role in strengthening your back whether you are exercising or riding. Make sure that you are using the right bike. It must have the proper size and fit. Scott mountain bikes or a mountain bike of any other brand is different from traditional bikes and so is the riding position.   

You will quickly get tired if your posture is incorrect. Apart from causing knee pain and back pain, poor posture also increases the risk of injury.    Workout for improving endurance, the strength of legs, building strong core muscles and correcting posture can bring positive changes in your mountain biking performance. However, none of this tips will help if you are riding a wrong bike. So, start with buying the right Santa Cruz mountain bike.


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