5 Ways Kratom Helps With Sleepiness


Sleep issues are one of the most prevalent problems in our present world. Pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and other health issues account for sleeplessness in many. As a result, this calls for a comprehensive approach to tackle the root issue of insomnia.  

While many resorts to sleep medication, the problem is that it provides temporary relief without addressing the real source of insomnia. This calls for a natural and comprehensive approach to address sleeplessness in people. One such natural substance is kratom.  

Over the years, kratom has received a series of attention for its unparalleled potential. It is believed to help people with opioid addiction and also bring about various relief in the body. Research on the use is still ongoing, while many medical practitioners strongly advise users to proceed with caution.  

Kratom is available in many states today in bars, gas stations, and grocery stores.

How Does Kratom Work? 

Kratom is a tree native to the Southeast Asian Family. It is a member of the coffee family rich in alkaloids known as mitragynine (MG) and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG). While scientists are still trying to understand how kratom acts, there are indications that these alkaloids attach themselves to protein receptors (opioids) to reduce pain, relieve anxiety, and produce calmness in users.  

Similar to opioids, research indicates that kratom can be addictive even though it might not produce a life-threatening effect, and the intensity of addiction is not excessively severe. 7-hydroxy mitragynine, one of the compounds in kratom, is addictive.  

Kratom, when used in reduced doses, stands out for its stimulant-like effects. As a result, when using kratom for sleep, you will not take it in lower doses. Just like coffee, users experience a boost of energy after taking kratom. This explained why natives chewed on the leaves or took it as tea on their way to the farm in the early days.  

The sedative effect kicks in when taken in higher doses, making it suitable for sleep.  

How Kratom Helps with Sleep  

Kratom helps with sleep in many ways. Here are some of the ways kratom induces sleep 

  1. Can Induce Relaxation in Users 

Kratom also stands out thanks to its ability to induce relaxation in users. Its soothing effect can trigger sleep in users. However, this is a factor of the dosage because the outcome depends on the quantity you consume.  

As a result, when people ask: Does Bali Kratom make you tired? It depends on the dosage that you consume. Kratom can act in many ways to banish anxious thoughts and diminish sleeplessness in users.  

  1. May Help Reduce Anxiety 

When people have difficulty sleeping, one of the many factors responsible is anxiety. It is a form of restlessness that makes people obsess about things they have no control over.  

Regular consumption of kratom can induce relaxation in users, thanks to the stimulant-like effects. This brings about a sense of control, thanks to the alkaloids mitragynine and hydroxyl mitragynine present in kratom. The leaf has a strong analgesic effect that can relieve stress and anxiety in users. Ultimately, this helps improve sleep. 

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  1. Kratom Can Relieve Pain  

Inability to sleep at times can be traced to excessive pain in people. All forms of pain distract the brain, making it challenging to settle down and sleep. Some kratom strains, like white Bali, for instance, can help various forms of pain. 

These alkaloids in kratom activate the pain receptors in the brain. As a result, you get a rush of the feel-good hormone, which relaxes you, calms you down, and numbs the pain. With this, sleeping comes easy for users.  

  1. Sedative Effects 

In those days, the natives of Asian Island used kratom for the sedative effect and experienced this effect like opioids. Many users have confirmed that kratom can be used a few hours before bed to experience deep and relaxing sleep.  

However, if you want to sleep off immediately, high doses can knock you off within a couple of minutes. Someone with trouble sleeping should consume about 5 to 10 grams of kratom to induce sleep. A higher dose is not advised.  

  1. Physical Ease  

When the muscles are tense, sleep might be difficult. However, kratom also saves the day due to its ability to induce physical relaxation in the body. 

The presence of alkaloid – hydroxy mitragynine can make users feel comfortable and at ease. When your body is relaxed without any tension, sleeping will be easy.  

Recommended Kratom Strains for Sleep  

As you will expect, not all kratom strains are recommended for sleep. They all come with different effects when it comes to sleep. Here are the recommended strains that can help induce sleep in users: 

Red Strain Kratom 

Red kratom strain is pretty effective, with Red Bali as the most popular for sleep. It can even replace your conventional sleeping pill. Popular red strains for sleep are Red Thai, Maeng Da, etc.  

White Kratom 

This is another common choice for sleep aid. It shares many properties with the red strain, which explains why it helps induce sleep in users. White Thai is a standard white strain that users can consider for better sleep.  

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When trying to get relief from insomnia, going for a natural substance is the best way. Kratom fits the bill as it helps eliminate many underlying causes of sleeplessness in users like pain, anxiety, stress, etc. Consuming kratom at a high dose will induce sedation in users, making it easy to fall asleep.  

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