5 Ways To to Enhance Your Brand’s Public Image

Whenever there is a talk about the nuances of the business world, branding is often mentioned as the key factor in your brand’s public image. On the other hand, the term that is often neglected is reputation, as it is more difficult to understand.

Reputation is the belief that specific business can deliver satisfying results. One controversial ad that results in widespread condemnation, one bad product pitch, one wrong review, and this perception can suffer. Your business needs to be in control of its public image. For that – you may also need some business Insights and analytics.

In this post, we will show you five of the ways to go about doing it so you can create a sterling brand reputation.

Approach your consumers face-to-face

Outstanding reputation is unachievable without truthful, transparent and direct communication with your clients. Establishing an infrastructure where you can interact with your audience as individuals will enable you to swiftly respond to potential complaints, and set up the lookout teams capable of discovering the early signs of dissatisfaction. Moreover, these channels can serve as a way to engage consumers in brand evangelization via different incentives.

Let your customers experience the manufacturing process

One part of your brand’s public image is whether your consumers believe that your company can deliver on its promises, especially the ones regarding your products. The most basic way to strengthen this belief is to organize company guided tours. Through them, your clients can view how good your business is at making its products, what makes your products unique, and which safety standards and measures you employ.

A whiskey distillery tour is the first example that comes to our mind if you’re looking for inspiration. Numerous distilleries organize guided tours to let their potential and current customers learn first-hand how they produce their beverages throughout the entire process, from grain and fermentation to distillation and maturation.

Track the numbers

To enhance your reputation, you must first comprehend its existing position. For instance, by asking people about it, and by getting the numbers to back everything up. Of course, customer satisfaction comes first to mind, but you’ve got to dig deeper than that.

For instance, employee engagement is important. It’s intertwined with your reputation – one spurs another. You also have to explore how much your shareholders trust you. Gauging their engagement will allow you to know whether you are running your business in the right way. These numbers need t to be tracked over time and linked with different goals.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Nowadays it popular for companies to encourage and act towards environmental protection and conservation as a part of their CSR efforts, and your business can do so too. You can implement recycling bins in your workplace, switch to more energy-conserving appliances, encourage your workers to switch off appliances that are not in use, and most importantly, involve your employees into making a positive environmental impact. These practices not only increase workforce satisfaction and brand reputation but also lower overhead costs in the long run.

Influencer game

In recent years, influencer advertising has become a major industry trend. In the B2C niche, global brands generate enormous ROI with fashion and beauty bloggers, while the B2B world loves hearing from experts and thought leaders in the industry. By working with influencers, you can nurture reputation in three ways:

  • It gives you credibility.
  • It grows your reach.
  • It enables cross-promotion.

The point is to find the appropriate influencers that talk to the same audience you’re targeting and which already have an outstanding reputation on their own.

Your brand’s public image is like being in a relationship, but with thousands and thousands of individuals. It’s definitely more difficult to manage than a normal one, but the principles remain the same. Be truthful, be transparent, meet with the other side, explain to them how you do your work, and stay reliable.

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