5 Useful Software Tools Every HR Needs

As the world of technology is evolving, so is almost every part of our daily lives. Just as photo-related apps are crucial for any web designer, every HR professional needs their own set of tools, essential for achieving the best possible results.   

Using these tools is no longer a thing of commodity, but something extremely important if one wants to keep up with the rest of the HR business.  


1. IBM Kenexa   

This piece of talent management software can play a vital role in building a smart, talented team of professionals. By identifying and retaining top employees, this tool can help get the best possible efforts from one’s current work team. It is ideal if you wish to develop employee talent internally, by means of training, as Kenexa offers top-notch talent management, stretching from the recruitment, all the way to employee development and performance management process.   

This tool engages employees within your company and comes equipped with real-time learning and knowledge sharing. Although IBM Kenexa doesn’t offer its software based on single modules, it has a lot of reasonable packaging options, based on one’s needs.  

2. Gradar   

Gradar is a web-based analytical job evaluation system for project and workforce management. It is user-friendly and quite reasonably priced, although the free version does exist. While the non-paid version offers straightforward job grading, the professional edition is equipped with features such as detailed factor explanations and copying results to the clipboard.   

The ultimate, “enterprise” edition allows you to save graded results, translate into benchmark codes and do cross-comparison, but it also provides you with a history of results, among many other perks.  

3. BalancedComp   

This piece of software helps a bank or a credit card union attract and keep top-notch talent. It is a cloud-based tool perfect for financial institutions, providing web applications of top quality and concierge consulting. The success behind this app is outlined in the fact that the BalancedComp client basis has grown to 130 financial institutions, with asset sizes ranging from $50 million to more than $8 billion.   

The free demo version is available and the paid version costs $24 per year per user. This tool offers documentation pieces of training, webinars, and live online, as well as in-person training.  

4. Allay   

Allay is considered an incredibly important piece of employee management software. This crucial tool is hugely beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. In addition to enabling you to collect and track standard employee information, such as an address, phone number, start date, and dependents, Allay allows you to track employee permits, licenses, training, and keep everyone’s info current and up-to-date.  

Additionally, you handle employee on-boarding, off-boarding, open enrollments, paid-time-off, payroll, and much more with this HR tool. All your HR docs and employee information can be found in a single, modern, secure, cloud-based, central hub.  

Another thing this app excels at is the fact that a dedicated account manager is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Finally, smart reminders, as well as alerts, make this tool absolutely professional – whenever your employee completes a task, you will be notified – all of your needed information is under Allay’s watchful eye.  


Depending on your needs, you can opt for a free, less professional version of the tool mentioned above. Focusing on essentials, you can do leave management, employee self-service, and payroll processing with Although new features are being added continuously, this app suffers from the fact that it comes as free and, therefore, it cannot be branded as “elite”.   

However, the development of this app is continuous and quite responsive as its developers pay attention to what the users are saying. Although updated frequently,’s looks and feel are pretty outdated. In addition, the general focus of this app really is Malaysia, so limits in functionality are to be expected. 

Depending on the level of professionalism you require, this app’s quality varies. Keep in mind, though, that it comes completely free.  

This set of tools can help you greatly improve your qualities as an HR. Instead of having to deal with trivialities and headaches that simply devour your time (as HR professionals had to, not so many years ago), give some of these apps a go. Most of them come with trial demo versions and some are even free altogether!


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