5 Types of Software Development to Choose from as an Aspiring Developer

In this era of technological advancement, software development has become the backbone of the entire tech echo-system – which has made the software development job market a treasure mine of never-ending rewarding opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a 30% increase in the employment sector of the software development field by 2026, while another report suggests that the employment of software developers is estimated to grow by 21% till 2028.

This field is, however, competitive, and only the ones with a drive to hone their skills further, can survive, and thrive. Why? Because technology is evolving and changing rapidly. Hence, the demand for software developers is always high. In addition, for professional software development companies in Houston, developers with skills in more than one software development area is a ‘diamond in the rough.’

Here are the 5 different kinds of software development for you to explore. As long as you master your skillset, the opportunities will follow.

1. Web Development:

Engineers working in web development are commonly known as web developers, full-stack web developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, and UI developers. They are the ones in charge of creating those web pages you scroll through daily, on various screens of your devices.

As discussed above, the field of web development is advancing further with the emergence of newer technologies and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), allowing websites to become more cohesive, optimized, and flexible.

The Web of today has evolved quite a lot with newer software development trends and technologies. There is much to explore in web development, and if you are planning to get started – then here’s what you need to know: HTML, C/C++, ASP.NET, Django, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Tech Stack for Web Development.

There are plenty of resources online that can not only help with the basics but also let you find the right community of web developers for you to get the mentorship you require to become a skilled ‘web developer’.

2. Mobile Development:

Mobile development, which popularly goes by ‘app development,’ is the most versatile kind of development; not only in terms of technologies used for app development but the freedom to develop a mobile app for any subject or genre. Be it mobile gaming, education, travel, and so much more.

Since smartphones have become the go-to devices or mini-computers for menial to important tasks. The need for apps that can do the job easier, faster, and without the requirement of having a complete system for it has become high.

Of course, the popular mobile operating systems are built in their own programming languages, while some use the common languages available. It is entirely up to you if you want to become an iOS developer, Android developer, or otherwise.

Nowadays, mobile applications are developed mostly for the following devices:

• iOS and Android smartphones
• Android and Apple TV
• iPads
• Android Tablets

Here’s are the options in the technology behind mobile web apps you need to be aware of: Android, C#, HTML5, Objective C, Swift, Java, Node.js, and etc.

Tech Stack for Mobile App Development.

Mobile app

Source: Medium

Again, there are many mobile development courses available online. Once you gain a working understanding along with considerable experimentation, you will find the technology you would want to create mobile apps in.

3. API Development:

API development is another in-demand extension of web development. API is an acronym for ‘Application Programming Interfaces’. API in itself is a set of functions and operations, the developers can use and embed onto their applications, whether web application or mobile apps – without having to code everything from scratch.

Take the example of an iPhone app that has a feature of taking pictures. You would need to tap into iPhone’s camera. For this, you would need to have a camera interface of your own – this is where the available iPhone camera API can be used to use iPhone’s built-in camera in your app successfully.

These APIs are also created by developers, and API development, in general, is laying down the foundations of defined procedures, tools, GUI interaction methods, and various rules of access that other programmers can make use of in their relevant applications.


Source: Appinventiv

There is no specific set of languages APIs are developed in. The language it is being built in, entirely depends on the platform, device, service, or site it is being developed for. Since testing is an integral part of any developing technology – APIs are also tested to ensure better performance, functionality, security, so on, and so forth. For this, there are many open-source API testing tools available that you as an API developer can make use of.

4. Back-end Development:

Back-end development is ‘behind-the-scenes’ of any program or application and the most crucial aspect too. It contributes much to an application in terms of its speed, and error-less operations. The back-end is usually made-up of a server, database, and finally, an application. Hence back-end developers need to be equipped with the knowledge of server-programming, architecture, SQL, and database management as well.

SQL and database are the must-have skills for the back-end developers, as most of the systems are connected to a database. Consider Facebook as an example – the back-end developers are responsible for storing, sorting, and organization through an extensive database system.

Tech Stack for Back-end Development.

Back end development

source: RubyGarage

5. Embedded Systems Development:

Safe to say that with the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT), came the rise of ‘embedded systems development’. An embedded system controls the device and enables user interaction with it. Hence, this embedded software development requires programmers skilled in relevant coding languages like Embedded C, Python, Arduino, Java, and Assembler. These softwares then communicate with the embedded systems like the renowned Rasberry Pi, Beaglebones, and more.

Ending Note:

Apart from the 5 mentioned here, software development encompasses more, including ‘Security Software Development’, ‘Software Tools Development’, and more. The options are several for you to choose from and start a rewarding career in one of the lucrative fields. If you have the interest, the will, and the passion for learning– then many online tutorials will help you master one of the above-mentioned areas, without having to enroll in a course physically. So good luck!


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