5 Tips To Make 2022 Your Most Organised Year Yet

It’s very easy to start off the year feeling positive, energized, and ready for change. After all, this is the idea we’re all sold on. Billboards, magazines, TV adverts, and social media are all telling us this is a ‘New Year’ ‘New Start’ and a ‘New You’, and if you’re not feeling that way then you soon will have forced yourself to see the new year as an excuse to get your shit together.

Whether being an organized person comes naturally to you or not, there are certainly improvements we can all make in our lives to try and make 2022 our most organized year yet! Remember, the organization is a process. And as with any process, it’s important to make small changes if you want them to last and become habits. So maybe ease yourself into these new routines, and by 2023, they’ll be second nature and you’ll feel more organized than ever!

So, without further ado, let’s get organized!

1. Prepare yourself with the right tools

Now they may say that a bad workman blames his tools, but what about a workman who has no tools in the first place?! How can they be expected to get a job done at all, especially not well? This is why if you want to lead a more organized lifestyle in 2022 then you need to find the right tools for the job.

Whilst the world has gone increasingly more digital, we’re still firm believers that if you want to get organized, then there’s nothing more satisfying than physically writing down a plan, commitments, or even a daily to-do list. We’d recommend investing in some decent stationery.

A diary is a great place to start, then potentially notebooks for to-do lists and even post-it notes to leave around for reminders. For affordable stationery, you’ll find everything you need on www.prontodirect.co.uk.

2. Think big before thinking small

When it comes to organizing, we find it best to think big first, before then honing in on the small stuff. This is applicable to so many different areas of your life, but here are a few examples. When organizing your time, think first about your whole year and make note of any key dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Before then zoning in month by month, and week by week.

This is also applicable when organizing your home, think of your house as a whole, before then breaking it down room by room. This way, you won’t miss anything important by getting too caught up in the small details first!

3. Declutter before you start afresh

Before you can begin to think clearly and calmly about getting organized, you need a calm, clear space. This might be digitally or even physically. Decluttering your phone or computer can have just as a positive effect as decluttering your home. Tidy space = tidy mind!

4. Get processes in place

Once you’ve decluttered, whether it’s your diary, your home, your workspace, or even your computer, the hard work isn’t quite over! The hardest part is actually keeping it up. So now it’s time to put some processes in place, this can be as simple as making sure you clear your computer desktop at the end of each working day.

Or make sure you tidy up from making a snack or meal as soon as you’ve finished eating. Tidying and organizing should become a small daily task, part of your everyday routine, that way it’ll never feel like a huge chore.

5. Take things a day at a time

Remember that progress can take time. It’s important to take it a day at a time and be patient with yourself. If you have a day where you fall back into old habits, don’t panic or give up. Just start afresh the next day and remind yourself of your new processes.

We’re wishing you a very Happy 2022, and a very organized one!


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