5 Tips for Keeping Your Building Exteriors in Great Condition

Keeping your building exteriors in sparkling clean condition is extremely important, as not only does it have the potential to leave a lasting first impression on people as they arrive, but it also increases the value of your property.

If you own a business, making sure that the condition of your building exteriors are well maintained will make your business look more professional and will preserve a good reputation with your current and prospective clients. First impressions really do count and, as a business owner, how to keep a green sustainable company is important and the exterior of your building is a reflection on your professionalism.

For your home, having an obvious lack of building maintenance can be embarrassing, especially when anyone drives past or when you have guests over. Plus let’s face it, simply living in a place that isn’t maintained properly is definitely not ideal!

Lack of maintenance can lead to water damage, peeling paint, cracking and rotting surfaces, dirt and grime build up, attracting any unwanted animals or insects, growth of mould and many other problems. Regular building cleaning carried out by a professional can prevent deterioration.

Another reason for keeping your building maintenance up to scratch is that it ensures compliance in your body corporate and local government regulations and OH&S standards. Keeping your building exteriors in great condition ensures the safety of your guests, employees and clients, so it is important to take responsibility and have that peace of mind knowing that the surroundings of your building are in an excellent state.

Putting a building maintenance plan in place preserves the building, lowering its risk of deterioration and makes your space look a hundred times better.

Here are five simple ways that you can keep your building exteriors in great condition.

High Pressure Hose

There are many benefits to pressure washing using a high pressure hose, which helps to preserve your building exteriors. Pressure washing can revive the original colour of your surfaces as it gets in all the hard to reach places and all the nooks and crannies with precision.

Not to mention that high pressure hosing eliminates dirt, grime and stains! Using a high pressure hose will also prepare surfaces for further work to be carried out such as painting walls, varnishing decks or sealing a garage floor and driveway properly.

Paint Touch Up

Over time your paint can begin to look dull, chipped and discoloured, which can make your building appear tired and unkempt. You don’t necessarily have to paint a whole wall but instead you could just touch up the parts that are needing a little bit of extra attention. By sourcing the right paint colour at your local paint store and using the right techniques to touch up your walls, the exterior of your buildings will be looking flawless in no time!

Wood Sealant

Being a natural surface, wood will be affected by the elements of weather and general wear and tear over the years. Using a good wood sealer, lacquer or varnish every few months will maintain the integrity of your wooden decks and provide a barrier against the elements. This will ensure your wood looks brand new for years to come.

Clean your windows

Windows are something we look through everyday, but too often we forget about cleaning them and they can quickly look neglected with a build up of smears and grime. An effective and natural way to clean your windows is to mix 10 parts water to one part vinegar using the spray-and-wipe method. Alternatively, you can simply get in touch with a specialist cleaner, like Cleanfocus, who will get the job done with much more ease.

Tidy up your gardens

Your gardens are the first thing people notice as they approach your house, so if they are untidy and ungroomed, it could leave a bad impression. You can tidy up your garden by trimming hedges, removing debris, mowing the lawn and making other small improvements.

There we have it, 5 tips for keeping your building exteriors in great condition! We realise there are many more ways you could improve your building exteriors so we would just go with the general rule of ‘if you see something that needs doing, get it done’. Happy improving!


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