5 Tips That Boost Your Laptop Battery and Make it Last Longer

Features-enriched and modern laptops are, indeed, not less than something surprising – thanks to their advancement, efficiency, and long-lasting battery lives, of course. Regardless of 8 hours or 10 hours of battery lives, laptops are needed to be plugged to go through an entire day with ease with extreme usage.

While any laptop or Notebook Battery life is a key cause of mobile gripes – but it’s possible to get a handsome improvement with the help of a few software tweaks and good practice. Here are quite a few ways to give a boost to your laptop battery life so you can concentrate on your tasks without any interruption.

Use Laptop Screen at Lower Brightness

Every laptop’s backlight uses a lot of power but it can be saved by reducing it down to the lowest possible/acceptable level. You can manually decrease or increase your laptop’s brightness in increments of 10% by pressing a perfect combination of keys on your laptop. However, it’s highly recommended that you should change the brightness in a power profile. Hence, it will get lower every time automatically you unplug.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

The wireless network power integrated into most laptops is one of the largest battery sappers. With Wi-Fi turned on, the battery consumes power continuously from the device and keep scanning for networks even when not connected. You are likely to be disconnected from wireless networks while your laptop is away from the grid, so you can turn off this device. Most laptops have a feature button that allows you to manually turn off a wireless adapter, but older laptops often do not have it.

Choose to Hibernate Always

The laptop also sends power to the RAM and motherboard to keep the current session in the memory so your system can wake up easily when you close the lid and put it to sleep. Many lightweight laptops are built to use little power in sleep, but most laptops can suck quite a bit of the juice if they are not completely powered off.

Under Hibernate mode, your notebook or laptop saves memory on your disk and switches it off entirely instead of sleeping. It will take almost as long to wake up as it does to boot and when it’s waked up entirely, your sittings will be just where you left them.

Unplug Peripherals

Using USB peripheral means you are losing a lot of juice as a motherboard needs to give them power. So, it’s better to remove all unnecessary USB peripherals to save your laptop’s battery life. For example, USB sticks, mouse, and webcams are all common offenders – therefore, just copy all your details across and remove them as soon as possible.

Most laptops have function buttons to disable the integrated camera, which drains the battery life if it is necessary. If you don’t need a sound, set your speakers to silence as your laptop beeping will always cause draining the battery when you receive an email or boot Windows.

Use Battery Saver Feature

Most of the laptops (with Windows 10, for example) have built-in “Battery Saver Mode” which automatically gets activated when your battery life falls below 20%. This feature helps to disable many things like automatic syncing, emails, calendars, push notifications and many apps that run in the background.

Don’t wait for a battery to drain and falls below 20% as this mode should be enabled by default but double-check by visiting your laptop’s Settings > System > Battery. If you see that your regular Windows habits are not disturbed by a Battery Saver, you can increase a threshold by 20% when it turns on.

That’s all folks! If you don’t seem to keep your Notebook Battery as long as it was before, you may be reaching the end of its battery life. Most rechargeable batteries have a selected or described lifespan, which is reduced every time they are recharged.

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