5 Things Every Older Pet Needs

As your pets grow older, they change in their appearance, strength, and other physical aspects. Their needs also change as they age, and you need to change how you take care of them. You should help your older pets during their old age by doing things that keep them happy and in good health. (Image source: Envato)

Most pet owners get devastated by the realization that their pets are aging. However, this is the time to give your pets what they need to stay healthy and physically fit.

So, what are the 5 things that every older pet needs? Here are some things your dog or other pets need more during their old age.

1. Consistency

Because of the low production of the stress-fighting hormones in older pets, they become more opposed to change. Minor things that previously didn’t bother them can now make them agitated and stressed. Older pets get used to specific ways of life, and they don’t like any alterations. They don’t like to travel a lot, and they can get into depression-related moods if you interfere with their routine. You must learn about what makes your older pet happy and adhere to a routine that caters to his/her needs.

2. Grooming Your Older Pet

Usually, older pets spend a better part of their day resting on their sides. Thus, they require extra coat care. Since the senior pets’ skin is aging, they become more vulnerable to irritation and skin diseases. Consistent grooming of your pet’s hair and skin can mitigate such issues and help keep your pet neat, happy, and healthy. Apart from their hair, it would be best if you equally took care of your pet’s nails. Considering older pets don’t move around a lot, their claws don’t get subjected to natural grooming. After several weeks, you should trim your pet’s nails to prevent them from growing extra long, which might hurt their paws.

3. Regular Dental Care

Dental hygiene is essential for pets of all ages. However, it is particularly crucial for older pets. Gum infection and tooth decay are prevalent in canines, and the impact worsens as your pet grows older. Most pets don’t like the experience when you clean their teeth, and cleaning them may be more stressful. It’s advisable to consult with your veterinarian or take your pet for dental cleaning services. If some of your pet’s teeth are rotten, call your veterinarian to extract them. Decayed and painful teeth may impact your pet’s appetite and their general mood, leading to stress.

4. Moderate Exercises

Senior pets require fewer exercises than young ones. However, it’s crucial to keep them physically fit. Moderate exercises, like occasional walks, can alleviate prevalent illnesses in older pets. Lack of regular moderate exercises for your older pet can lead to obesity. Statistics indicate that close to 55% of American pets have obesity. The condition is a risk factor for some diseases like diabetes, heart, liver, and kidney illnesses. These diseases can lead to your pet’s death, which is challenging to deal with for most pet owners. Here’s how to cope with the loss of a pet.

5. Plan Regular Check-Ups for Your Pet

The American Animal Hospital Association proposes that you take your older pets for check-ups once every six months. Most illnesses that affect older pets, if identified early, can be managed. You can consult with your veterinarian to inform you about the possible problems specific to your pet’s breed. Learn about the initial warning symptoms of those problems for you to be on the lookout. Also, remember to consult your veterinarian regarding your older pet’s diet and exercise schedule. With this information, you will keep your pet healthy and happy.

Overly, as your pets grow older, they require extra care and attention to keep them happier and healthier. It’s your responsibility to closely monitor them and apply the five things discussed in this post to keep them happy and healthy. Ensure you maintain the routine that makes them comfortable, groom them regularly, clean their teeth, and take them for short walks to exercise. Also, plan regular check-ups on them to identify possible illnesses early and treat them. Ultimately, you will guarantee your pets’ welfare by applying these tips, which will prolong their lives.


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