5 Simple Tips That Will Improve your Cooking Overnight in 2019

Are you worried about your cooking skills and want a way to improve it as soon as possible?
We all know how intimidating it might be if in spite of a lot of effort if you are unable to improve the taste of the dish you cook. So, we have come up with some great tips to help you achieve the cooking skills you desire.
These five tips will definitely help you to bring an improvement in your cooking overnight. So, let us have a look.

Hold the Knife Correctly

A good cook is the one who knows how to handle the knife well as the core preparation of cooking a dish begins at cutting, slicing and chopping up the ingredients in the correct manner.
If the ingredients are cut sloppily then the dish will too turn out to be a disaster as the cut of meat, fish or vegetable can affect the taste, presentation and texture of the entire dish. But it all depends on how you actually hold the knife.
So, in order to improve the cooking skill, you should know the proper manner of holding the knife appropriately.
What you need to do is, hold the knife in a way that your thumb and index finger lay on both the edges of the blade of the knife while grabbing it. That way you can get a proper grip of the knife and have better control and hence the cut you make will be very precise and accurate.

Use Better Ingredients

When cooking, it is important to choose ingredients that are fresh and of the best quality possible. This is because it is the ingredients that make or break the dish.
The idea here is very simple, only use ingredients that are best on quality and fresh produce. Using ingredients that are from their local sources will be far better than any frozen or canned version if it.
For example, instead of using canned mushrooms, try using fresh ones and the same goes for fish or meat.
This is a very efficient and easy technique to improve your cooking and the taste of your food.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

Did you know that your hands the best tool while you are cooking in the kitchen? Yes, you heard it right, not any high tech thermometer can do what your hand can.
Our sense of touch can make a more proficient judgment than any other tool in the kitchen. So while you are cooking meat or pork, try tapping and pressing it with your fingertips. You can judge by the firmness and softness of the meat that whether it is well done or rare.
Soft meat represents a rare stage and as it firms up, the more it gets cooked. So, don’t be afraid to use your hands and get them dirty while cooking as that way you can make better dishes.
The more you practice this the better you will get at judging whether your food is properly cooked or not.  

Use the right amount of salt

Salt plays a very big role in the dish that you cook and hence you need to learn to put the right amount of it.
A pinch more or a pinch less can ruin the taste of the entire dish and through all your efforts out the window.
While using salt, try using kosher salt or maybe sea salt instead of normal table salt. These salts add a better flavor to the dish and improve its taste significantly.

Don’t’ crowd the pan

While cooking in a pan, always try to keep some free space in the pan. A very common mistake that people make while cooking is they put in too many ingredients in the pan at once.
This not only ruins the taste of the dish but also affects the heat distribution among each of the ingredients.
Hence, try to put items in the pan in a manner that you can still see the bottom of it through the food. Keeping space among the food will allow it to get proper heat and cook well.


With a bit of practice in the kitchen, these tips will surely allow you to be the proficient cook that you want to be and everyone will love to devour the dishes that you make.

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