5 Best RV Upgrades and Modifications You Need in Your Life

Owning a mobile home is one of those emerging trends that have been gaining a lot of popularity and traction across the globe in recent years. This should come as no surprise, as digital nomads and remote workers are slowly ditching the old concepts of homeownership, and choosing to live their lives on the road, exploring the country and even taking on grand international escapades in their motorhomes.

This is partly because modern RVs provide everything that a young homeowner needs to work on the go and enjoy life to the fullest, and it also supports the “downsizing culture” that’s currently popular with millennials and Gen Z-ers.

What’s more, now that young people are increasingly interested in sustainability and eco-friendliness, RVs are a clear choice, as they can easily be outfitted with smart features and energy-efficient solutions. With all of that in mind, here are the best RV upgrades and modifications you should take into account when trying to take your mobile home into the 21st century.

Clean energy and power storage

First things first, the most important feature in your mobile home is the power supply. Now, there are many battery manufacturers out there that offer top-of-the-line batteries that can power your RV for days on end, even if you use a lot of power, but at one point or another, you’re going to have to find a charging station and replenish your power supply. This costs money, of course, and it requires you to calculate your travels carefully so that you don’t find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no energy whatsoever. 

That’s why many people are nowadays upgrading their RVs with solar panels, solar inverters, and solar power batteries. It’s an investment, yes, but it will pay off in the long run, especially if you’re used to taking on long road trips and need a constant influx of power. In the long term, going solar is a more cost-effective option, and it’s clean to boot.

Energy-efficient appliances and lighting

Moving along with energy efficiency, keep in mind that it’s not just about having clean energy, it’s also about having energy-efficient appliances and solutions on hand to help conserve as much electricity as possible and ultimately lower your expenses on a monthly basis. So if you’re trying to make your home more energy-efficient, and especially your RV home, then you really should pay close attention to the energy consumption of all of your appliances.

Start with the lighting, and try to transition to LED RV lighting if you can, because not only are these great for energy saving, but they’re also going to give your RV a more natural, comfortable ambiance. Next, make sure to upgrade your kitchen and the toilet with all-new energy-efficient appliances that have a good Energy Star rating so that you can really save power in a noticeable way. 

A smart surveillance system

RV surveillance upgrade

One of the most important RV upgrades that not many RV owners tend to think about until it’s too late is the RV surveillance system. Some of the top brands in the RV industry such as the tech-focused Furrion brand have numerous surveillance and camera systems that allow you to eliminate all blind spots while driving and parking, while at the same time giving you a complete overview of your surroundings at all times. 

This is great when you’re parking in an unfamiliar neighborhood, because you can keep your RV safe and even use the cameras to deter possible intruders. Make sure that the surveillance system can be easily connected to your onboard system and your smartphone so that you can monitor the status of your vehicle while you’re out exploring the great outdoors.

Don’t forget about the essential tech

Technology ensures ease of living and elevates your quality of life, which is why RV upgrades you need with all of the essential tech, and even outfit it with smart technology in order to achieve even better energy efficiency, security, and functionality. Be sure to introduce a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, have a Wi-Fi booster on deck to help you stay online when you’re in the middle of nowhere, add a smart thermostat to the interior, and don’t forget to put a GPS tracking device in as well so that you always know where you left your vehicle. 

A modern entertainment system

And finally, what’s a modern home without a modern entertainment system. You can outfit your RV with smart media systems that will enhance the viewing experience of every movie, and the listening experience of your favorite songs as you’re cruising down the coastal highways and soaking in the freedom of the open road. Make sure to mount a Bluetooth TV, and a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi surround-sound system with zoning technology so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes while the family is watching a movie in the living room.

Wrapping up

Owning an RV is great for so many reasons, and it can even become your full-time home if living on the open road is something that strikes your fancy. With these RV upgrades, though, you will build yourself an RV that can serve many a purpose in this tech-driven world.

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