5 Must-Follow Rules For Men Who Want to Dress Well

First appearances do hold a lot of importance. It takes time for personality and charm to create interest, but a man with a good dressing sense always takes the spotlight. The elegant dressing makes for a beautiful impression. Even the average guy can make a mark with a bit of effort.

You don’t need to be a modern-day James Dean to cut a beautiful figure, sticking to the basics and having an eye out for some smaller details will surely make the mark. So here are the top 5 tips to take note off for those men who want to dress well. (Image source: Pexels)

Back to Basics:

Before being experimental, you have to take care of the basics. Whatever the occasion may be, having some staples that you can rely on will not only save time and effort but add an effortless elegance to your style. These are the very building blocks, the foundations of your look. You have to make sure to get them right. You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans for a casual, everyday look. You can pair trousers, pants, or jeans with any good fitting shirt to obtain a smart look. Do not go overboard with the patterns; keep it simple and stick to neutral tones. Having a sharp wardrobe foundation will ensure that you never go wrong with matching colours and having weird combinations.

Take Care of the Fit:

Make sure that your clothing fits you correctly. Without a proper fit, you will not be comfortable in what you wear, which takes away your confidence. Ill-fitting clothes are not alluring, and having too loose or too tight clothes can quickly strip you off your charisma. Consider going to a tailor and getting your measurements taken.

With the right size, you can easily browse for the proper clothing and have well-fitting garments that add to your appeal. Putting in the effort to know which materials work for you will be a good investment, as it will pay off in the long run.

If there is a particular shirt you like which does not fit well, get it altered or don’t wear it. Pay attention to the finer details, like checking if your tie is knotted correctly and straightened out or if your belt leather matches with the shoes.


When you have taken care of the basics, go that extra mile and accessorize a little. Try experimenting with some exceptional bead bracelets from a wooden variety or even crystal and bone bracelets, to add a rustic charm to your style.

Take the time to express yourself in your unique way, and take out the time to choose your cufflinks, belts, etc. If you wear a watch, go your way with a gold watch to show that you like the more beautiful things in life. If not, you can never go wrong with a classic black one. Scarves work well with jeans and t-shirts, and ties usually look good with suits.

It’s essential to strike a balance between your clothing and accessories since you want a cohesive look that blends. Don’t stick to an outdated idea of what is appropriate and what isn’t, and take a risk and experiment. Accessories are all about your individuality, so go with whatever you think represents you.

Maintain Your Wardrobe:

If you want the aura and allure of a stylish man, you have to put in the effort. Maintaining your clothes and keeping them in the proper condition is very important. Unkempt, unwashed clothes are repellent and instantly turn off your charm. Take the time to read labels and check which clothes are to be hand washed or dry cleaned, and remember to separate your whites from your coloured clothes.

Avoid putting the delicate cloth into the washing machine, as they will come back all tattered and shrunk. As for dry cleaning clothes, make it a once or twice in the year affair, as it tends to weaken the fabric and ruin the quality. Investing in a fabric refreshing spray will save you both money and time, as well as not ruin your clothes.

Have quality wooden hangers to maintain the form and structure of your suits. While taking care of footwear, invest in a shoe tree to maintain the shape of your shoe, and make sure to give it a good polish at least twice a week.

Classics are Timeless:

If you are the experimental type, you can change your style with the passing trends. However, if you are more laid back in nature, don’t worry. Classics are timeless, and you can never go wrong by following some age-old rules.

Fitted jeans, crew-neck t-shirts, charcoal or navy suits, Oxford or Derby shoes, buttoned-down shirts are all part of the old fashioned charm and look good at any occasion. You can depend on these to look good at a children’s birthday party or a casual night out with friends. You do not have to be worried about mix and match; these staples always pair well together

 Do remember to focus on quality over quantity if you want to truly look stylish. Look for natural fibres, good material, and regular stitching to ensure that you are getting your bang for your buck. Quality clothes not only look better, they last longer and you can always rely on them.

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