5 Practical Reasons That Thrive Food Delivery Business During Pandemic

It is important to admit that Corona Outbreak has changed everything, including people’s lifestyle and thinking. The effects of this pandemic on social and financial bearing have been colossal and will stay here for a long time. No doubt, lockdown is lifted from several nations, but people are still afraid to visit crowded places such as restaurants.

And food delivery companies are taking advantage of this as now people ordering food online, and popular food delivery services such as GrubHub, Zomato, Foodpanda, UberEats, etc. have gained popularity in the market. Convenience is the key driver that makes the online food delivery concept successful. Due to busy schedules, people order food online, and demand will continue to increase in the coming years.

The online food delivery market is growing worldwide especially during the lockdown because people want to stay safe inside their homes. Moreover, thanks to advanced and efficient food delivery apps that allow users to place an order online and get it delivered at their locations in no time.

With technological advances and digitalization, now people want everything instant, including their favorite meal. Here we have compiled the reasons that will help you understand why food delivery businesses thrive during a pandemic.

Online Food Ordering Business Boomed During Pandemic

As we said earlier, the pandemic has been leaving negative impacts on many businesses, but food delivery is one of the businesses that is thriving during this outbreak and continues to grow. No doubt, restaurants are being closed, but they have adopted a digital approach in order to boost sales and stay ahead in the competition.

Online food delivery business is on the rise, and it’s high time for food business owners to create a strong online presence in the industry. Names like UberEats, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, etc. have already established themselves and proved successful.

Now there are several reasons which make the online food delivery business profitable during an outbreak, such as:

  1. Convenience
  2. Contactless delivery
  3. Cashless payment
  4. A variety of options
  5. Attractive deals and offers

Above are the major reasons that are helping restaurants to survive during a pandemic. The food delivery business is getting popular, and the trend seems to be continuing to rise with technology up-gradation and time. So let’s discuss in detail why the food delivery business is thriving today.

Order In One Click

In order to stay safe, people don’t visit restaurants. Gone are the days when you used to place orders via call or text message. With the help of food delivery apps, people can place an order in just one click.

On the other side, more and more restaurants are implementing online ordering solutions that help them to get more orders and make a solid customer base. All they have to do is develop a food delivery app that allows consumers to place an order online.

Furthermore, food business owners also boost their revenue and sales during this challenging time. They can attract more and more customers and increase profits. From placing an online order to a smooth payment system, consumers appreciate this level of convenience because without stepping out, they can enjoy delicious food at their doorstep.

Contactless Delivery

This is another major reason that encourages people to place an order online and to help restaurants increase their revenue. Food delivery apps and restaurants have now adopted a new method to deliver food safely and securely. It is known as contactless delivery.

Due to fear of virus spread, people feel hesitant about eating out, but contactless delivery options empower them to place orders online. Contactless delivery is a novel option that is saving an individual’s life. More and more restaurant owners are going digital and implemented this option. That eventually kept them staying ahead in the market.

Popular food delivery services such as Zomato, UberEats, BigBasket, and many more provide contactless delivery options to their consumers.

Inception of Cashless Payment

Cashless payment encourages people to place an order online without any hesitation. People believe the virus can also be spread through currency notes; this is why more and more restaurant owners are going digital and offering multiple payment options to consumers.

People now prefer cashless transactions; the smart cart and debit/credit card is the most popular and used means of payment.

Restaurant owners offer this option within the app solution so that users can pay as per their preferences. Digital payment options allow consumers to pay securely and swiftly for their orders.

Adopting cashless payment is ultimately beneficial for the business owners as they no longer face the situation when the user will leave the cart due to a lack of payment options. Thus, contactless payments are now seen as an impressive way to help food business owners overcome the negative effects of the pandemic.

A Variety of Options

No doubt, people are locked inside their homes, but they enjoy a delicious meal if delivered at their doorstep with all the safety measures. This is another important reason for helping the food delivery business to boost profit during a pandemic. People often use food delivery apps because it offers them an extensive range of options to choose from.

The majority of people working from home food delivery apps get rid of the cooking meal and order various dishes from their favorite restaurants. With online food ordering apps, people have got more options and can easily decide what they want to offer. Even they can compare prices.

Attractive Deals and Offers

Due to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, but attractive deals and coupons offered by food delivery apps are other reasons that allow people to enjoy delicious meals at affordable prices.

Moreover, food delivery apps are boon for those people who have the habit of eating out regularly. Such attractive deals and perks would help them save lots of money. Besides, restaurant owners can make their customer base solid, and these buyers will help them earn revenue during uncertainty.

Take Your Restaurant Online For Better Conversions

In a nutshell, many businesses are bearing huge losses due to low demand. The whole demand and supply chain has been disrupted during the Corona outbreak, but online food delivery is the only business that has experienced an upward trend.

From safety measures to contactless delivery and payment options, the food delivery business is growing and will soon cross the $200B mark. Convenience and safety measures are the driving factors behind its growth during the corona outbreak.

Even if lockdown will be lifted in the future, this sector will continue to prosper because on-time delivery and personalized menus will keep customers hooked with these apps.

Author bio: Deep Moteria

Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and Co-founder of Elluminati Inc. Deep having led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring entrepreneurial skill and guidelines. Along with that, he loves to craft content on topics including the on-demand economy, entrepreneurship, technology trends, and many more.


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