5 Reasons Every Eco Tourist Should Visit Prague

Prague has become an increasingly popular bucket-list-worthy destination over the last decade or so. More and more people are flocking to the Czech capital to sample what it has to offer and to get a flavour of what makes it so appealing.

Prague is also synonymous with being an excellent hub that’s well-suited to eco tourists. Check out this guide on 5 reasons why every eco tourist should visit Prague.

Eco-Friendly Accommodation

It’s no secret that Prague is one of the best places in Europe, if not the world, for eco-friendly accommodation.

As well as being an idyllic place that’s well suited to Airbnb and Couchsurfing opportunities, Prague is also the go-to destination when it comes to sustainable hotels.

Situated within close proximity to the city centre, Mosaic House encompasses everything that ecotourism aims to achieve. With automated blinds to optimise heating and cooling, water-saving equipment in every room and even the Czech Republic’s first grey-water recycling system, Mosaic House is the perfect place to stay for eco tourists.

Abundance of Farmer’s Markets

Spectacular Gardens, Parks and Nature Reserves
Market in the old city of Prague — not many farmer’s markets get such a nice backdrop! Prague, Czech Republic (2013).

One thing that’s synonymous with ecotourism is the freshness and sustainability of produce. Prague’s vast offering of farmer’s markets is a dream come true for every eco tourist, allowing you to sample some of the finest, locally sourced produce.

Organic food is also found at farmer’s markets; something that’s a huge emphasis and must-have when it comes to eco travel.

Farmer’s markets are also the perfect place to feel truly at home and act like a local when in Prague; after all, many locals purchase their fresh groceries from these markets, so you’ll fit right in!

The Vast Array of Cuisine

Prague is notorious for being a delectable hub for cuisines such as dumplings, stews, meats and other hearty dishes, but in recent years, the Czech capital has also placed emphasis on vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

While you can still find organic and locally sourced meat, you’ll now also find many vegetarian and vegan substitutes. Many restaurants now advertise their own version of common meat dishes such as goulash and svíčková.

These advances in varieties and substitutes of different cuisines mean that the city accommodates every dietary requirement and preference, while still catering to those who prefer traditional and authentic Czech dishes.

Furthermore, Prague is also known for producing a variety of world-class home-brewed beers and ales; perfect for eco tourists who want to sample a taste and still ensure that it’s environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

Spectacular Gardens, Parks and Nature Reserves

Spectacular Gardens Parks and Nature Reserves

Whether you visit Prague in the height of summer or the middle of winter, you’re sure to still enjoy the plethora of beautiful parks and gardens that it has to offer. The greenery of the city during spring and summer is often something that surprises people and is always appreciated by both the locals and tourists.

Eco tourists will recognise the significant benefits that the sheer number of trees, flowers and parks offers in terms of the ecosystem and will be delighted to discover that they’re well-kept and highly maintained.

Those looking for a more vibrant and enigmatic eco tourist experience when visiting Prague will enjoy visiting the parks when there’s live music and fun festivals. While it may seem like these events could be damaging to the lush green expanses, they actually incite the opposite.

These events attract both locals and visitors from far and near, thus contributing to the city’s economy and helping to spread the word about Prague’s beauty and immense responsibility in the ecotourism industry.

Excellent Business and Team-Building Opportunities

Another excellent aspect that every eco tourist will enjoy about Prague is its vast business and team-building opportunities.

Prague is renowned for being a great place to live for digital nomads as the immense amount of suitable and sustainable accommodation, array of cafes and coffee shops, as well as delicious dining options attract thousands of people seeking a nomadic lifestyle.

Furthermore, Prague also suitably caters to team-building events as their huge warehouses and towering office buildings provide a great space and excellent sense of community for hosting corporate and leisure events.

Conclusion – 5 Reasons Why Every Eco Tourist Should Visit Prague

It’s clear to see that Prague offers an array of incredible and unique aspects for eco tourists. From a superb offering of inviting cuisines, to exciting team-building opportunities and the chance to explore Prague beatific greenery, there’s so much on offer in this fabulous ecotourism city.

You’ll find eco-friendly accommodation options aplenty in Prague, so whether you’re looking for a more lavish hotel in terms of the Mosaic House or you’re happy to couch surf and enjoy a more eccentric way of life, Prague is a place that should be on every eco tourist’s bucket list.

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