5 Reasons to Replace Your Car’s Bumper After a Collision

One of the first parts of your car that gets damaged in a collision is your bumper (front or rear). However, is replacement necessary? A lot of people see a minor dent or a crack as a minor inconvenience and will only replace the bumper if the damage that it has sustained is severe.

In order to avoid this nightmare scenario, what you need to do is replace the car’s bumper immediately after a collision, even if the damage doesn’t seem to be that severe from your own perspective. All in all, here are the top five reasons why this is such a high priority.

Compromised structural integrity

Your car’s bumper has one purpose and one purpose only: it’s there to protect your vehicle from mild frontal collisions and mitigate some of the damage from some of the most severe collisions. Now, after a collision, there might be some damage to the bumper, even in a scenario where the bumper itself isn’t completely ruined.

From a layman’s perspective, a crack or a dent on the bumper may also be a sign of compromised structural integrity. This means that the next time there is a collision, the result may be more catastrophic, seeing as how a compromised bumper may shatter instead of just breaking.

The damage can be unseen

The next thing you need to understand is the fact that not all damage is visible to the naked eye. You see, compromised structural integrity is dangerous in ways we’ve already discussed, however, you might not always be able to notice it straight away. Therefore, seeing as how the repair or the replacement isn’t that expensive, it would be wise to find a reputable bumper repair service and consult professionals on this issue.

Sure, bumper replacement might not be necessary but passing this judgment on your own is far from wise. You see, while you would never intentionally cause a collision just because you believe that your bumper is in a prime state (such a scenario is absurd to even imagine), it’s always a bad idea to sit in a vehicle with compromised structural integrity. So, instead of making your own assessment on the subject matter, you should ask for an expert opinion.

Unstable bumper

One of the unseen damages that your bumper can sustain is the one on the bumper hook, which can make the entirely bumper quite unstable. This means that during the next incident or, if the situation is extreme enough, a traversal over rough terrain or a bumpy road, your bumper may fall off.

Keep in mind that these hooks, as well as their replacement, tend to be quite inexpensive, which is why you have one more reason to stop ignoring this quite serious problem. Keep in mind, from the perspective of your budget, that the bigger damage that you sustain, the worse it gets.

Insurance claim issues

You see, during the collision or in its immediate aftermath, you need to keep in mind that the insurance company may take into consideration any previous damage that your vehicle has sustained. You see, if the bumper was damaged in a previous collision (and there will always be a report of damage), you might have some trouble with it next time if you fail to repair the damage in the aftermath. Therefore, it’s not just enough to replace the bumper in question, you also need to keep all the receipts in order to present them to the insurance company.

Devaluing your car

Lastly, when it comes to the resale value of your vehicle, a damaged bumper is something that can drive the value of your car into the ground. True, vehicles are under the influence of severe devaluation, now add to this the fact that the car might be additionally damaged in the process, and what you get is a minimization of your asset. In order to avoid this scenario, keep your car in pristine condition and invest as much as you can in its maintenance.


One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is the fact that your own safety is something that you should never make a compromise on. Moreover, if you can make a minor repair/replacement and, this way, save a fortune in insurance premiums and resale value, failing to do so is outright reckless and irresponsible. All in all, replacing your car’s bumper after a collision is a mandatory step that you have to take.

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