5 Home Burglary Facts That Will Shock You

 As a homeowner, one of your biggest worries is a break-in. It doesn’t take long for a burglar to rob you of all of your valuables and bleed you dry.   

In fact, it takes just minutes. We are all potential victims of home invasion and robbery, but the good news is that the more that you know about burglaries, the more you can prevent it from happening to you.  

So to keep you informed, here are some facts along with some helpful tips that you should know about home security. They will help to keep you safe and your valuables as well.

Home Burglary Facts That Will Shock You

Most burglaries happen during the day

We tend to think that burglars strike more at night, but that is just not the case.   

This is a common misconception thanks to movies.   

Most home robberies take place between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.   

When thieves know you are at work or school, they know you aren’t at home too.  


If you can, keep a car parked outside so they think you are at home.  

Install home security cameras so that you can use your phone to monitor your home while you are away.  

Always keep doors and windows locked

Most burglars gain easy entrance to your home by simply opening a door or window, because so many people leave them unlocked. This is an open invitation for bad guys.  


Remove shrubbery and trees from near your doors and windows so burglars can’t hide while looking for an entrance. Have an alarm at every point of entry and keep these areas locked at all times.  

Most burglaries are committed by people that live in your area

Think about it, why would burglars travel long distances just to steal? They don’t.   

There is no reason that they would. They tend to keep things local.   

That way they can study their mark, learn when you are home and when you are not.   

They even watch your home for signs that you are on vacation.   

Mailed piled by the door is a good indication that your house is undefended.  


Don’t get into routines. Change up your day-to-day patterns as often as possible and be more spontaneous.   

Just break all of your patterns and do things differently.  

When away, ask a neighbor or family member to check on your home daily and collect the mail.   

This way someone has an eye on your home and there are no obvious signs that you are away.  

Burglaries take on average just 8-12 minutes

Since they seek out easy targets, it doesn’t take long for burglars to get in, get your stuff and get out.   

It benefits them to be fast. They don’t want the police showing up. In most cases, the entire process will be over in just 8 to 12 minutes. At that point, they have already gone with your goods.  


Install a home security system, keep your entrances locked and be on good terms with neighbors.   

You can help each other by keeping an eye on each other’s homes.  

Your Master Bedroom is the main target. You might think that your living room would be the main target and the first place that thieves would ransack in your home, but that’s not the case.

Sure, there are valuables in your living room, but most are in your bedroom. This is because people don’t really hide their valuables very well.   

You take off your jewelry before bed and put it on the nightstand or on the dresser. Some hide cash under their bed. Thieves know your patterns and so they head to the master bedroom first.  


Invest in a safe. One that can be bolted to the floor or attached to the wall is the best choice because thieves can’t take it with them. If you can’t get a safe, you can at least hide your valuables somewhere secure that is outside of your bedroom. Don’t make it easy for them.   

Home Burglary Facts That Will Shock You

People are often home during burglaries

Thieves don’t just strike when you are away. Many burglaries occur when people are home and this can be a dangerous and traumatic experience. This is the most dangerous theft scenario because you can get hurt or worse. Luckily, this is preventable.  


Even when you are home, always arm your home security system. This will make sure that you are safe in your house. An alarm system is no good if you don’t use it. If you need more information check out these home security system reviews.


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