5 Hires Every Marketing Agency Needs to Make

5 Hires Every Marketing Agency Needs to Make

Running a marketing agency is not an easy task. After all, there are so many different marketing agencies out there fighting for their place on the market. Marketing agencies vary in size and structure, but there are certain hires that every one of them needs to make in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

In case you are planning on opening a new marketing agency, or if you feel that there’s something missing in your current company, read this post. It will tell you which 5 roles every marketing agency needs to fill if it wants to succeed.  

An HR Specialist

  Finding the best employees for your marketing agency can be difficult, especially considering that there’s an increased demand for marketing professionals out there. But an outstanding HR specialist will help you find the right people for your company anytime.  

Additionally, an HR department will help you stay compliant with many forms and regulations that cover the process of hiring, which will save you from potential lawsuits. So make sure to hire at least one person to do the HR for your agency.  

An Accountant

  Studies show that 53% of small business owners don’t have an accountant, but there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. Hiring an accountant has many benefits for even a small marketing agency. Accountants will take care of your bookkeeping and ensure that paychecks and taxes are paid on time.  

Accountants can identify potential tax deduction opportunities throughout the year and save you some money. Also, an accountant will help you with budgeting and cash flow monitoring, which will enable you to make sound financial decisions about investing in a new office space or hiring more people.  

A Proofreader

  Marketing a business usually demands a lot of writing. Writing for web pages, press releases, blogs, social media posts, commercial scripts, and many other marketing materials. Copy and content writers are busy focusing on the content itself and the message they are trying to convey, which leaves a lot of room for errors. That’s where proofreaders come in.  

A proofreader’s job is to focus on all those little grammar, punctuation and other errors that other members of the company were too busy to see. A proofreader will ensure that your company is error-free and will make your marketing agency look sharp, neat and professional.  

A Social Media Manager

  Even marketing companies need their own marketing done right. In a world where 77% of Internet users have a social media account, social media marketing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. There are several important social media channels out there and if you want to promote your marketing agency successfully, you are going to need to establish a strong presence on all of them.  

An experienced social media manager knows the singularities of every social media network and can make a detailed strategy for posting your content on every one of them to maximize the benefits.  

A Project Manager

  Every marketing agency big or small needs at least one project manager. A project manager will break things up into smaller tasks, delegate each task to the appropriate team member and make sure that the deadlines are honored. A good project manager will ensure quicker delivery of projects and improve your overall effectiveness.  

This was our list of top five hires every marketing agency has to make. The importance of these five roles is often overlooked in marketing agencies. But if you want to have a successful, long-running marketing business, you should definitely make sure to find the right people and fill out these roles.


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