5 Extreme Sports You Can Do Over the Spring Break

We all crave adventure and excitement in sports and when you’re young and life has just begun, you want it even more. This golden period won’t last forever after all so you might want to experience new things while you can. Live life to its fullest. Once you’re old and grey, you’ll have tons of stories to shares and no regrets to delve into. 

There are a ton of things to try in the country and no matter where you located in the continental US, you’re sure to find some sport nearby. For all the urban adrenaline junkies reading this blog, we have compiled the list of top spots they can visit to get their dose. Remember, this isn’t less for the faint-hearted.

So, let’s get into extreme sports

Mountain Climbing

You might not be quite ready for climbing Everest, but El Capitan could be where you begin your training. Located in the Yosemite National Park it is one of the best rock-climbing destinations of the world. Luckily they have peaks perfect for beginners and professionals alike. You could try your hand at the 8,839 foot tall Half Dome summit or the Washington Column which has a 1,000 foot route.

The best part about this site is that they have a mountaineering school nearby that offers guided trips. Falling off a cliff is scary but the professional help you’ll get here makes it’s a great choice. Along with climbing lessons you’ll also find good rental equipment ensuring that you’re covered from all angles.

Zip lining

Heights are scary. Now imagine being 600 feet in the air with just a line you must hold tightly to take you to safety. Not all of this can handle the high stakes but for those of us that love the adventure, step right up. In the Catskills Valley, you’ll find all the fun you want.

Of the three options New York Zipline Adventure Tours offers in Hunter Mountain, the Skyrider tour is the gutsiest thing you can do. The midmountain tour that is 650 feet long includes rope bridges and a rappel that you must traverse and for beginners, is the best option there is. So, are you ready?


Speaking of heights, skydiving is a great activity to try on Pismo Beach. You get to jump from a plane with only a parachute on your back to help you survive. As you fall 10,000 feet down at 120mph, you get a see a great view of the Central California Shoreline and the rush you get cannot be compared. It’s an experience of a lifetime and you must try it once at least. You can choose from three options: 25, 45 or 60 seconds fall if you’re using Skydive Pismo Beach. Before you embark on your life-altering trip, you will be briefed thoroughly on the subject to ensure it goes smoothly.

Zero Gravity Experience 

We may be dreaming to go to infinity and beyond and take a space excursion ourselves to experience what our most loved characters felt like. Luckily it doesn’t require you to know rocket science to float in space. The rides at Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park in Dallas has a number of rides themed around simulated flying and freefall. 

Their attractions include Bungee Jump from a seven story-high Bungee tower, Skycoaster which is a 110 foot high flying simulator that can reach speeds of up to 60 mph, the Ejection Seat in which you are taken 150 feet into the air, starting at a speed of zero mph that increases to 70 mph in 1.2 seconds, the Skyscraper which is a rotating propeller that moves at 60 mph, and of course Nothin’ But Net which lets you fall from a height of 100 feet to net that catches you.

This park gives you various options all in one place! If you surf the net, by the way, you’ll also find a ton of other extreme sports options to try. Be sure to get the fastest internet in Dallas TX and you’ll also be able to upload a selfie of yourself falling before you hit the ground. What do you day?

Drive a Tank

Our daily struggles can really weigh us down and sometimes when things just don’t seem to be going our way, we want to take control of our lives however we can. A great way to channel this energy can be driving a tank and flatten every obstacle on your way. Located in Kasota, Drive A Tank is a great establishment that lets you drive the military tank and live your dream. You get to choose the armored vehicle you want and man them. The advance tours let you crush cars and even shoot from the machine guns attached to it. If you want, even more, you can even destroy a house. A great way to channel your destructive energies!

Final Word

Everyone has their own bucket list and while this list gives a couple of options you can try, it is anything but complete. If you like anything on here, make it a point to gain that experience this spring. If you have anything else in mind you can also do that. Just be sure you enjoy yourself!


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