Top 5 Charts To Map Your Social Media Marketing Performance

Social Media Marketing can be very effective in promoting your brand if used prudently. For doing the same, several metrics need to be measured. These measurements can either be on a daily or every month. Visualizing data is one of the essential parts of marketing. It helps you gain insights from your data analysis and suggests how your efforts have paid off or what needs improvements in your marketing plans.

What are the social media metrics that can be mapped?

The following are some of the most important social media metrics:

1. The Social Engagement Index

We all need some inspiration once in a while. This is where the Social Engagement Index comes in handy. The so-called SEI helps you assess how well your content resonates with people on social media and what works best for your business.

2. The Network Reach

Network Reach is a simple but handy metric. It shows how much your content gets shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., and calculates the total number of users who have shared it. If you want to achieve social media marketing success, this is one of the crucial metrics you should be tracking. You can utilize a tool such as the Sankey diagram to help you understand this metric.

3. Follower Growth

This graph is very similar to the Network Reach chart. The big difference is that it shows how many users follow your company on various networks rather than how much your content gets shared.

4. Social Sentiment

The Social Sentiment Chart helps you understand whether people feel positively or negatively about your brand. This is especially useful when running a special promotion or campaign because you can keep track of how it changes your brand image.

5. Social Media ROI

The Social Media ROI chart shows you the impact your social media marketing efforts have had on your business. It calculates the value of your earned media by multiplying earned outlets by earned impressions. Although this is usually not easy, it can be gratifying when done correctly.

Why do you need to analyze your social media marketing efforts?

To realize how your social media marketing efforts are paying off and to know the areas where you need improvement, what needs to be changed can only be known through metrics. You need to monitor such trends to make an optimum plan to generate good results without wasting time and resources.

Visualizing data is very important as it helps you get a bird’s eye view of the whole situation. You can spend so much time and resources on social media without knowing whether you are getting the desired results or not. So, to determine your strategies better, it is essential to map your Social Media Marketing performance periodically using some charts

Here are a few popular charts which you should be specifically used for this purpose:

1. Bar Charts

These types of charts are used to depict the distribution of a given data or information. They can be horizontal or vertical, depending on what you need to indicate through your chart. Social media platform data is often represented using bar charts as it gives a precise idea about how popular each social media platform is and how much time a user spends on each platform.

2. Line Charts

Line charts are best when you want to depict how certain metric changes overtime or any other parameter that varies continuously and needs to be monitored to keep track of important events like sales, performance, and others. Since social media marketing involves measuring several metrics such as the number of posts made on each platform, number of followers, etc., it is best displayed using line charts.

3. Sankey Diagram

This type of chart is used in socio-economic applications. However, these are gaining popularity in social media marketing as well for the visualization of social media influence. Influence matters the most in Social Media Marketing because people want to follow influential users or brands. You can easily map impact using the Sankey diagram by illustrating how much presence you have on each platform.

4. Pie Charts

Pie charts are used for visualizing different components of a trend in comparison with each other. This chart is good to use to visualize the breakdown of engagement into likes, shares, comments, etc. You can also map shares without using pie charts, but it is always good to have so many types of charts for the same data.

5. Likert Scale

This type of scale is used to determine the satisfaction level of customers. The same can be used in social media marketing to measure your customer’s engagement with your brand through different responses on different social media platforms. There are different examples of the Likert scale that you can use to come to a conclusion. You should have a separate chart for each platform to compare the performance of each platform where you are active.

By mapping your social media marketing performance using these five charts, you can clearly understand how well your brand is performing on social media. Armed with this knowledge, you will make better decisions and invest more wisely in social media platforms and strategies that will deliver positive results for your business.


To see how well your social media marketing strategies are working, you should analyze the performance metrics using different charts. These popular charts will help you understand how much presence your brand has on each platform.

Mapping various metrics in this way will help you visualize your performance and make better decisions. You can then get a clear idea of how well your strategies perform without wasting too much time and resources.


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