Top 5 Benefits of Using How-To Videos

In the past, making how-to videos was just for the chosen few. However, with the advent of smartphones and the internet, people can easily make simple videos and share them with other people. Producing video content offers more benefits than disadvantages. Below are reasons why you should use how-to videos.  

Video improves ad effectiveness

It is too easy for your audience to get bored with long texts explaining how to do something. However, videos tend to grab the full attention of your audience. How-to videos will captivate your target audience and this will enable you to accomplish a lot within a shorter period of time. They can help you bring in more visitors to your website or YouTube page and prime to buy your products or services.   

Viral videos boost engagement

Research has shown that adding video content to your social mix means that your audiences are 10 times more likely to share your posts and engage. Videos that have surprise elements, encourage involvement, or generate emotional reactions are important to a fruitful marketing campaign.    Video is now the best way of creating engagement and this helps the wider network of your audiences to see exactly what you do. Therefore, if you want to connect with your audience, then how-to videos are vital.  

Convey information efficiently

When you are trying to find more information about how to do something, you will always want the details quickly and in a manner that is easy to process. The video is a perfect way of communicating with your audience.    Within a few seconds, you can grab their attention and you can explain to them how something works or how to do a specific activity, or even how your products work.   

Boosts your search engine ranking

If you have a website or blog, you can draw an audience to it by using videos. Although how-to videos on YouTube are perfect for conversions and engagement, they are also great for the search engines. Google analyzes the time spent on your website to determine whether you are offering what your visitors are looking for.    When visitors spend more time on your website, the search engines will interpret that as you providing the valuable information that your visitors want. As a result, you will rank higher in the search engine results pages.   

Creates deeper connections

It is impossible for you to personally connect with all your clients, audience, or prospective customers. How-to videos allow you to get in front of all these people and show them your authentic self.   

People tend to trust products or services more when they see the person who is behind the business or the innovation. Videos are a great way of meeting those people that you may never have an opportunity of meeting in person.   

Even though video marketing has been in existence since the invention of televisions, virtual videos have become available for everyone with the advent of pure video sites like YouTube.   

Videos are now being used by individuals, small businesses, and corporate entities to convey their messages. Video content is increasingly growing and it is never slowing down soon. So, make your first how-to video today.


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