Top 5 attractions of New York’s Central Park

New York is a city of unexpected things where millions of people visit every year for New York’s central park sightseeing. There is no doubt that everyone loves to visit New York and experience the amazing fun here. If you are visiting NY for the first time and thinking about the attractions of NY, then this guide is definitely for you.  

In this post, you will learn about the top attractions in the central park and the history which will help you learn every single thing about it. For the best experience, let’s pay attention to the top one only. On the other hand, you can bike rental to enjoy in a small period. Keep in mind that if you try sightseeing the whole park on feet then you have to spend lots of time and it is not recommended by the guides mostly.  

1. Belvedere Castle

To begin with, a big and vintage historical building of the central park, let’s check out the popular Belvedere Castle. It will make you experience the park with great fun, and the chances are higher that you will find every single thing in the park. Most of the people visit cast to see how it was made, how beautiful it looks and view outside it. The castle was built in 1869, and the weather is also measured from its top. So, the next time you temperature of NY then you will know that it is measured from this castle’s top.  

There is a small pond next to the castle that looks astonishing. Guides always take tourists to this place because it is one of the best to take amazing pictures and you can find so many things to do here. In addition to this, you have the option to view the city from the top of this castle. You may not be able to see a lot but still, the castle top view is mesmerizing, and it is loved by almost everyone so you can try it out.  

2. Strawberry Fields

So, you are willing to have the best fun in NY central park and opt for bike rental. But, there is also good in reminding the people who have done a lot for this country. So, why to miss the Strawberry Fields which is made as the memorial of John Lennon. The black and white tiles look where the image word represents so many things which can make you visit Strawberry Fields.  

You may not know about it, but people from NY visit it sometimes. It is the major point of attraction in the park which is loved by almost everyone, and you should also look. At least, it is related to country history. There are lots of people who come to see this place and take pictures so that they can show to others. The Imagine word written with tiles look good, and it is an attraction for tourists.  

3. Central Park Zoo

The zoo of this town is not that bad; even, it is going to make you feel the wildlife in the center of 24 hours running the city. What does it mean? Well, NY is called the city that is always active, and you can find people and cars every time. Having a park in this city, not a common thing and you can find the central park zoo which is small but pretty much enough to have different species to show you.  

Even, a normal zoo doesn’t have this much species which you can find at the central park zoo. There are almost 100 or more species to look at. The number keep changing every year because the zoo is extending, so, you may have a lot more to look at the zoo. In some cases, you have the option to check out the white tiger and some other species. Keep in mind that you should check out the best time to visit the central park because you will find too many people in some hours. You can also check out for the Central Park bike rental service.  

Visiting in the vacation sometimes a wrong choice that’s why you can try out visiting at the weekends. Such things are going to make you have the best fun and never missing a single thing. You can try out visiting the central park now and enjoying the extreme beauty for sure.  

4. Bethesda Fountain and Terrace

Who doesn’t love fountains? These small fountains throwing waters in the air with the light effect are amazing to take pictures. You can visit Bethesda Fountain and Terrace to enjoy some of the best things because you will love to take some breathtaking pictures here. On the other hand, you have the option to look at the beautiful artwork. It one of the beautiful highlights in the evening time and you can come in the night to take the pictures.  

But, don’t be too late because the central park won’t be open till the night. The fountain was dedicated to the park in 1873 so you can say that it is vintage and historical, but it still looks the best. You can also try it out and find that Bethesda Fountain and Terrace is and it will be a beauty to look at. It is also a pleasant area where you can come with the facility and relax for a couple of hours.  

5. Loeb Boathouse on The Lake

Nothing is beautiful than a lake and getting the chance to take a boat and getting into the center of the lake is surely the most loving thing of this park. You can try out visiting this park with friends, and you will love the fact that there are so many people. The crowd is not so high, and it is always better to visit in the evening time for the best experience.

Keep in mind that you don’t dive into the water because it is restricted in the Central Park Lake. Hope, you will love to visit Loeb Boathouse on The Lake and the central park.   You can also choose to try out Central Park bike rental service while in the city. To know more about such important places in New York and other countries, you can stay tuned with us!


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