Top 5 Advantages & Disadvantages of E-Learning Devices

Learning through electronic media is known as E-learning, and it became popular nowadays because of multiple online forums where students can seek knowledge related to their studies. So, either you are primary school kid, or a high school student or doing doctorate from a reputed university; the use of e-learning tools and devices has become equally important for you.

Moreover, there are numerous options online, like online Learning Management Systems, Youtube Channels, etc. This is one of the most convenient and affordable ways of learning for students of all ages. The significant advantages of E-learning are discussed below.

Here we go:

Cost-Effective Studies

E-learning is not only a convenient way of learning but also a cost-effective way of getting knowledge related to any field. The students can find teaching sessions online on different forums. The students only require an Internet connection if they are studying from an open-source platform for students. Some organizations run online systems for distant learning. It also reduces the cost of traveling and accommodation through online resources.
Students can learn through the Internet without visiting any institute and quickly absorb the topics delivered in the sessions. E-learning is considered as the most cost-effective way of study through the Internet.

Quick Course Delivery

E-learning is the way of learning effectively and also provides a peaceful environment for the teachers for teaching effectively. Teachers can upload the resources, i.e. video of lesson quickly and comfortably.
Teachers may upload all the course outlines at once and schedule it according to the time. It helps the teacher to manage all the work without affecting other activities. This provides the peace of mind to teachers and students too. Students can find the topic just after the teacher uploads it.

Reliable Environment for Students to learn

This digital option for learning is stable for students to learn more effectively and efficiently. Sometimes the students hesitate to ask a question in the class by thinking that what would be the reaction of the whole class. Through the online system, the students can interact with the teachers more effectively and ask any question from the teacher without any hesitation.

Time Effectiveness

The students can get online resources through E-learning method. Some students cannot get the topics efficiently in the class, and they have to manage the speed of learning with the speed of the whole class. E-learning provides them with a way to learn more comfortably, and they can learn without having any issue related to time. They can also learn online at any time of the day without time restrictions.

Vast Range of Topics

Through E-learning, students can find any kind of topics because the Internet is full of resources that cover all topics. It also cuts out the danger of leaving the town for higher studies. Students can easily study in their own town, and they can choose any field to study because there is no boundary on the Internet. You can find multiple options to seek knowledge regarding any topic.

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As there are advantages of E-learning, the disadvantages of E-learning also exist. There are multiple disadvantages of E-learning, and you need to sort that it is more reliable for you or not.

Some significant disadvantages of E-learning are explained below.

Self-Motivation is required

It is difficult for some students to stay motivated in their studies, and they cannot do well without any motivation. In E-learning, you do not need to interact with the teacher directly. Here, you can find guidance, and the teacher cannot motivate you through digital media and it may be hard for the students to stay motivated regarding their studies. Self-motivated students can organize them in a way to study well in E-learning, but others might be feeling hard to fight.

Technology-Based Learning

E-learning is totally technology-based, and you cannot do anything until you do not have Internet. The people who live in underdeveloped areas where an Internet connection is not available. It is impossible to get E-learning in that area. This is also hazardous for the people if the Internet Service Provider got some problem to maintain Internet connection and they lost the connection. The students might not be able to get lessons for many days, and they might also miss the relevant content, assignments and quizzes due to Internet Problems.

Lack of Discipline

In the E-learning environment, there is no discipline for the students and the students might not be able to learn professional discipline in their student life. Through the self-paced study, it may leave the student behind the students who are disciplined and well-organized.
Students must be disciplined in their professional career to gain a good position and E-learning might not be helpful for them for disciplinary things. Students should be able to manage their time in their professional life while through E-learning, they do not know how to manage time in their studies.

Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction

E-learning might provide an excellent interactive session between the teachers and students through video sessions and many other ways. However, there is no face to face interaction between the students and the teachers where they can discuss the personal issues or the issues related to the studies.

Students might face problems in their studies because of the lack of face to face interaction with the teachers.

Lack of Teachers’ Input

In most of the E-learning platforms, teachers may schedule the whole course on the platform for the students. It may be reliable for the teachers but not for the students. Students will not get the guidance of the teacher at the instant when they are taking the lecture.

Students may contact the teacher later, but it is complicated to remember all the questions that are coming up during the session. Students will feel exhausted while listening to a person without any interaction with it, and it will be a dull session for the students. Once a course is developed, the E-learning platforms might use it for a more extended period, and it can be outdated afterwards.

In short, like other electronic and internet-connected devices, e-learning devices also have some drawbacks with lots of advantages. However, it depends on how you use them. Hopefully, as a student or even teacher, you would emphasize on the correct use of e-learning devices.

You can also share your views about the potential advantages and disadvantages of e-learning devices by commenting here.


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