4 Clever Reasons to Use Self Storage While Moving

The biggest headache that most people planning to move to endure is their belongings. Moving means that you will have to empty out your shelves, cabinets, drawers, and wardrobes, along with the attic and basement, which can be overwhelming and stressful. You never really know how much stuff you own until you have to move out. Thanks to self-storage facilities, handling the hundreds of boxes and bags becomes a whole less stressful.

Below are Some Reasons Why Self-Storage will Make Moving Less Hassling:

It helps you stage your home

A real estate agent will tell you that selling an empty house will be way easier than one that is still cluttered with your items, which is why staging a home is crucial for a quick sale. A potential buyer will want a home in which they can visualize their belongings in the house without interruption by your own. With a self-storage unit, you can move out of your stuff in an easy, stress-free manner.

Moreover, moving your stuff into a storage unit will provide an opportunity for you to sift through your stuff for clutter so that you start off in a new home with way less stuff. You will have a rare opportunity to go through absolutely everything you own and give up what you do not need for donation.

The possible benefit of moving truck discounts

If you opt for self-storage, ensure that you find a storage unit that offers moving truck services, and you will most likely find these at reduced rates of even for free. If you opt for self-storage, you will be able to move at your own pace and in a stress-free way. In addition to a moving track, such facilities also have carts and dollies for moving heavy and fragile electronics, as well as supplies such as vacuum bags, and bubble wrap that will make moving easier and safer.

If you will need a helping hand, the facilities have stuff that can help you carry items into your house and put together furniture like wall units and beds. Such services can come in handy if your move was unplanned or necessitated by difficult circumstances.

It will help you move only what you need into your new home

Once you get a new place, you will only transfer the stuff you need with you, and leave the rest in the unit. Moving to a new place should provide a new start, so what better way to make a move refreshing than starting life in a new home with less clutter?

It will provide you with an opportunity to do things at your new house

Moving into a new house can be exciting, especially if you would like to get some interior décor done or thorough cleaning. However, without a storage unit, the movers will be right behind you, and you will have to move your stuff into a probably dusty, plain house. You will have to do everything you had in mind while moving furniture and electronics around, which is another headache altogether.

Moreover, if you need something more invasive done, such as flooring or wall refurbishment done, the dust and smell will infiltrate your items and make cleaning a nightmare. With self-storage, your belongings are kept safe for as long as you need as the work proceeds without any fear of ruining furniture or time restrictions.

Safety and reliability

The best thing about self-storage is that you can rent out space for as long as you need as you can store your belongings with them for unlimited periods. You may even score a great deal or discount if you sign a contract for a longer period. The ability to store your belongings safely for as long as you need means that you will not have to move your stuff haphazardly as you otherwise would if you were storing it in your friend’s garage.

You will also be able to sift through the boxes and shelves, and add and remove stuff as you see fit. If you are moving during the winter or a rainy period, self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled units that will keep your valuables safe from the elements. You also will not have to worry about security as most reputed facilities have excellent security staff and features, a sign-in and out system, and insurance.

Pack at your own pace

Packing can be incredibly hard, especially if you are tasked with stuffing all your belongings two days before you have to move. Once you rent a storage unit, you can pack each room at your own pace while delivering the boxes to the unit at your own pace. You can also opt to start packing the items you rarely use then pack up the essential items as moving day inches closer.

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