4 Features of an Optimal Visitor Management Solution

Visitor management has changed significantly with the GDPR passing in 2018 since data protection in this digital age we live in became imperative. It made us more careful about the data we leave online, while businesses were made to abide by strict rules of managing personal data. The latest visitor management solutions brought more transparency and security but it is not always easy to surmise the features which could be optimal for your business. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 4 features to look for in a visitor management system.

4 Features of an Optimal Visitor Management Solution

Tailored check-in process

The key thing that GDPR changed is the data capturing processes in the sense that nowadays, consent is necessary to be able to capture data. As with many other aspects of business, the visitor management systems’ data accumulation needed a makeover to comply with the new requirements. Depending on the visitor, modern systems offer tailored check-in procedures which might entail details such as full name, contact details, company name as well as signing NDAs if a courier comes. This list of required data will be different if an interviewee arrives and it might demand the name of the person who is expecting the interviewee, as well as the position one has applied for. This allows for a more secure environment and it saves up a lot of time.

Digital forms signing

In order to be given on-site access, the visitors now need to sign different legal forms and NDAs meaning that digital forms signing is a must-have feature of a visitor management solution. This manner of signing is a simple and user-friendly feature and one of its main advantages, as opposed to traditional form signing, is that it offers much more data then one might think. They include the identity of the person who signed the document, as well as a timestamp and the location. This has also facilitated the check-in procedures to a large extent since it reduced the amount of manual work. In addition to that, its practicality lies in the fact that the companies are most often oriented globally so they get an opportunity to extend their reach in this manner.

Custom-made badges

Modern corporations resemble a beehive – it is always bustling, people are coming in and out and if the security is not top-notch, some unwanted guests get an opportunity to blend into the crowd. This is why the check-in process is so important and to make it more transparent, one of the many useful elements of visitor management solutions is the printing visitor badges on the spot. They can contain vital information such as the visitor’s full name, photo, the host and even a QR Code so that they can sign out quickly. In this way, the personnel and the security would know who is walking around the building and for what reason and not be afraid for their own or business data safety. Also, these badges can be customized with a company logo and are made so they can fit in any lanyard cardholder.

Immediate notifications to hosts

The last but not the least on the list of handy elements is the notification feature. Once a visitor checks in, the host who is expecting that person is notified by any chosen means of communication – an email, SMS, etc. which accelerates the process. In case the host is busy at that particular moment due to being held up in a meeting or if the visitor came early, the host can communicate the delay right away via the same visitor management solution so the visitor can then use that time to compose if a job interview is about to take place. This feature saves up a lot of time and the unnecessary foot-work making it cost-effective.

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