4 Essential Tech Improvements for Your Home

Modern homes are full of technology. These days, we use devices daily that our great grandparents couldn’t imagine. And the pace of technological improvement only seems to be accelerating.

Your home relies on its technology, but things could always be better. In fact, with a few high-impact upgrades, you could get much more out of your high-tech home. Here are a few essential things to get in order to make your house even smarter.

A cloud storage solution

Tech devices have never been more important in our lives than they are today. These days, devices are omnipresent in our homes — in most cases, the devices in question are mobile devices.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are great, but they don’t often include a whole lot of storage. Unlike desktop and laptop computers, most mobile devices don’t have big hard drives — in fact, in many cases, they don’t have hard drives at all.

Instead, mobile devices tend to have small amounts of flash storage. That means it’s all too easy to fill up your phone or tablet with photos, videos, documents, and other types of files. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a cloud storage solution.

Cloud storage is a secure way to keep your files online and accessible from anywhere. And you can upgrade your cloud storage experience by choosing a cloud storage hub that draws files from multiple devices for automatic storage in the cloud. A cloud photo storage system is just the thing for sharing memories with family and friends and keeping your photos both accessible and secure.

A wireless network signal booster

Your smartphone can use your Wi-Fi network to browse the web and run apps. But if you need to call or send a good old fashioned SMS text message, then you’ll need to have decent cell service. It’s frustrating when your own home is a dead zone for your wireless network.

There is a solution, however: get a wireless network signal booster. This type of hardware device can amplify the signal from your wireless provider. A T-Mobile signal booster, Verizon signal booster, or other relevant solution can restore the reliable wireless service that you’d expect.

An AI smart speaker

One of the coolest new technologies out there right now is the virtual AI assistant. You’ve heard of these things — Apple’s Siri is an AI assistant, Amazon’s Alexa is one, too, and Google has one called Google Home. And then there are smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo or Echo Dot.

These assistants can talk to you, responding to verbal commands and fetching audio information and music when you ask. Smart speakers really upgrade the high-tech cred of a home, and they can make life easier and more comfortable if you remember to use them.

Once you get used to asking for music to be played or getting the weather read out loud to you, you won’t want to go back to the old days. Pick your favorite AI assistant, get a compatible smart speaker, and enjoy the upgrade.

A great media streaming device

These days, cable is slowly but surely dying and streaming is now all the rage. You probably want some way to watch Netflix and other streaming services on your regular TV, so that you’re not always watching movies on a tiny smartphone or tablet screen.

Well, no problem: virtually all TVs sold now are smart TVs, and they pretty much all offer apps for at least the biggest few streaming services. But you should consider an upgrade if you’re not using a sleek, user-friendly streaming platform like Roku or Apple’s tvOS.

The interface can make a huge different in your viewing experience, and the great smart TV and external streaming devices that these platforms run on can make your viewing experience better. If you’re using some terrible smart TV platform built into your living room TV, then you should go get a streaming box or stick (or a new TV) with a better streaming platform.

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