3 Types of Hot Water Services You Must Know About

Living in cold countries or places that experience low temperatures in winters is sometimes costly. Many of the services like room heating systems, water heating service, room temperature control systems, etc. are required which allow you to live comfortably in the cold environment. You can’t imagine a life without heating systems in harshly cold weathers and it can cause you to get sick.

Heating systems ensure that the temperature of a particular house or a room retains its optimal temperature and be less cold. Also, the water heating system allows the water which is needed to be used stays warm for bathing and other household purposes.

There are many types of hot water service which one can use in the household. The water heating services which are not environment-friendly often lead to large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Although various eco-friendly hot water services are also available which are used by many people.

Different Methods Used by Water Heaters:

The hot water service works in either the storage type or through the continuous flow type. The storage water heaters store the heated water in the insulated water tanks for the user when it is required. While the continuous flow water heaters are the systems that do not use a storage tank and provide heated water instantaneously.

Types of Water Heating Services:

When it comes to the type of water heating services then there are certain types of water heating services that are used by the people for water heating purposes which are as follows:

1. Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps are very efficient types of hot water service systems that use air pressure or extract the heat from the air to heat the water. No electric input is required to run these systems.

These pumps are very efficient and are best in warm and humid types of climates, while in very cold climates the efficiency of these pumps gets reduced, these pumps help in saving electricity bills. Sometimes although electric boosters are required in some of the air pressure heat pumps.

2. Gas Water Heaters:

Gas water heaters are further of two types such as natural gas water heaters and Liquefied Petroleum Gas water heaters. The natural gas water heaters have a far fewer greenhouse gas emission, as the electrical heating systems get electricity from the grids which produce it by burning coal, and the natural gas burns more efficiently and with far lesser pollutants than coal. The gas heating systems use smaller storage tanks which means they can lose heat easily because of less insulation.


The LPG heating systems are a type of hot water service far more expensive than natural gas systems and use large storage and burning systems. These systems are not very efficient and if you need a large amount of water to be heated then these are not considered.

3. Solar Water Heating Systems:

These hot water service systems are the most eco-friendly and the most cost-saving systems for water heating purposes. These systems although have a demerit that these aren’t very efficient in every climate can only be used in places where there is a good amount of sunlight. Although the installation of these systems is a little costly as compared to other heating systems, once you get the solar water heating system installed approximately 90 per cent of heated water which you will receive is free. Also, these systems have zero impact on the environment.

If you want to choose between the varieties of hot water service then you are capable of spending the suitability of the types of systems according to the environment and many more.

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