3 Tips to Get Your Online Business More Customers

Since 2020 has many of us at home a lot, online business options are booming. However, if you’re getting a lot of lookers but no buyers, it’s time to crank up your process to get lurkers to open their wallets. (Image source: Pexels)

Send Out a Discount for Online Business

If you’ve got folks who actually start the sign-up for your newsletter or leave things in their cart, you must address site abandonment.

For example, if you have a store that sells accessories at great prices, consider sending out a coupon or a percentage discount for the item in the cart. You could also send out a 2 for 1, or include a matching piece.

If your store sells fun fashion scarves, clutch purses, and sunglasses, among other items, up the ante. The abandoned scarf can stay in the client’s cart while you send them a discount on fun shades to match the scarf. Since they’re getting the glasses at that wonderful price, the scarf is still a good buy.

Gather as much browsing data as you can, and quickly set up a blog offering suggestions on ways to use your products with items customers and potential customers already own. Again, if you’re selling accessories, show off one basic black top with ten different scarf configurations. Pair up a simple dress with gloves, purse, and shades to match or contrast and put a discount at the bottom of the blog post.

Create a Buddy Break

Look for referrals. If you have a happy client who is already getting your emails and reading your blog, offer them a discount for referrals, a coupon to share, or a free item if their friend makes a purchase.

Even if your shoppers aren’t keen on sharing the information of others, seek other ways to branch out from your sale. Again, you as the shopkeeper of an online accessories shop have a lot of wonderful items already on sale. Should you choose to expand and offer kitten socks or a silk scarf patterned with puppies, make sure that your promotion for this new line includes a percentage donation for each sale to an animal rescue or the ASPCA.

By setting up your store in such a way that the people who buy from you also believe in similar causes, you can create a community of shoppers and may even get great recommendations on the best way to expand your offerings.

Offer gift wrapping options for a buy-one, get-one half-off promotion so your shoppers can treat themselves and treat those they love. Make sure your gift box is bright and cheery, and consider offering a custom gift card print to include with the present for a special gift handling charge.

Bonus on the First Purchase

New buyers are always hesitant, even with great reviews and a friend referral. To get new customers to sign up happily, offer a shipping discount on their first purchase, or include a similar item at half-off.

Avoid offering the “half-off your next purchase” hook to new clients. Such an offer can be quite off-putting to a new client; after all, if they’re not sure of your products, what’s the benefit of a better deal on something they didn’t like in the first place?

Make that first purchase feel special. If possible, include a welcome card in the package or a “Welcome to the Community!” email a few days after the expected delivery date. Your online store can feel like a haven for the folks who love to seek out small, cheery additions for their wardrobes that won’t break the bank, as in our example. Whatever community you’re working to build will be expanded by customers who are happy with their first purchase.

Another option is to offer free or discounted shipping on the first sale and a discount after the client fills out a survey. To keep your business going, you will need to make sure that your first-time customers aren’t “once and done” customers, and surveys really can help you track this data.

Turning lurkers and lookers into buyers may take some time. The year 2020 has been a nervous one in the financial sense, and even great deals may be worrisome to a shopper who’s having a lean year. However, with the right promos and reconnections, you can boost your business sales as we move into 2021.


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