3 Benefits of Using a PDF Software in The Office

Back in the early 1990s, when PDF was developed, sharing electronic documents between colleagues and business partners was problematic least to say. 

The idea behind the Portable Document Format was to create a file format that can be accessed from any computer or operating system. Now, it has become the most convenient and safest way of sending and receiving documents such as invoices, memos, bank statements… The best part is that the document format remains the same and the information is presented as intended. 

However, over time office professionals developed a need to do more with their PDF files. For example, people often need to make some edits and adjustments to the content and to do so they need a dedicated PDF software.
Software in the Office
For this reason, we decided to give you the 3 benefits of using a PDF software such as Able2Extract 12 in the office environment. It might not seem like the most exciting thing to use in the workplace, but using it will make your life a lot easier.

1) Enhanced Collaboration

In today’s harsh business world collaboration is key to success. Huge enterprises with thousands of workers need a way of optimizing the effectiveness of the documents they produce. 

Able2Extract 12 with its ability to annotate PDF files allows co-workers from different departments or even time zones to collaborate and stay on top of things.

They can instantly add notes, leave a comment or highlight a part of the text that needs urgent attention. This way team members can see the feedback and make the required adjustments accordingly. 

This way teams can vastly boost their productivity and increase the speed of their workflow making sure that the looming deadlines are met.

2) Guaranteed Confidentiality 

If you’re working in a field that deals with highly confidential documents you know how costly information leaks can be. Contracts containing customer social security number or account information are not to be viewed by anyone. 

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PDF tool like Able2Extract allows you to permanently remove any sensitive data from your PDF file before sharing it with anyone. 

By redacting the data from files you are making sure that your company or client secrets are kept safe within the confines of your company. This way no prying eyes can take advantage of the information and potentially hinder your business operations. 

3) Fast Data Collection

Many professionals need structured data to make an important business call. But, before they make the decision they need to collect and have the right data at their disposal.

The Manual process of gathering and organizing data on paper forms is inefficient and time-consuming. After all, time is the 21st century’s most precious commodity. 

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the downtime associated with data collection. Interactive PDF forms are the way to go if you need to gather essential business information. 

Able2Extract has the ability to manipulate PDF forms by creating, editing and filling them out. The tool has an integrated PDF form filler and editor that allows you to seamlessly create company forms and collect survey data.

Apart from the benefits we briefly covered a dedicated PDF software like Able2Extract offers many other options that facilitate document management needs and boost overall office-work capacity. 


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